How to Fix a Faulty Bluetooth in Windows 7

One of the recurring issues on windows 7 is a faulty Bluetooth. This prevailing problem is usually as a result of issues stemming from the Bluetooth driver or if the Bluetooth device is missing. In the case of a missing Bluetooth driver, or it becomes incompatible or corrupt, the Bluetooth inevitably would not work. At the same time, an external Bluetooth device will not work with your Bluetooth either. If you encounter a faulty Bluetooth issue on your Windows 7, this article will put you through on how to resolve it.

Look at a Bluetooth driver as a software program which links your device operating system with the Bluetooth device installed on your computer. However, because of such multitude of OEM manufacturing Bluetooth devices and the different models they have, each Bluetooth device has a distinct driver specifically designed for it. As such, you have no one-size-fit-all Bluetooth driver. Therefore, if the Bluetooth driver designed for your device is missing, corrupt or incompatible, the Bluetooth function of your computer will likely not work. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

Confirm if your Bluetooth Device is turned On

You may be surprised, but a basic check of whether your Bluetooth device is turned on often skips anyone’s mind. Be sure your PC has the necessary Bluetooth hardware, and that wireless communication is on. Bluetooth requires the combination of software and hardware, so if it has a separate button, key or switch to turn it on, ascertain it is on. likewise, to check whether Bluetooth is on same side with the software, select the Start button located in the lower-left corner of your screen, lying next to the start icon is the search box represented by a hand lens icon, type “Bluetooth settings” where the cursor lies in the search box, and choose “Change Bluetooth Settings” from whatever pops up. In the window that shows up, check all the boxes and select “OK”. Afterwards, go through the system tray to see if the Bluetooth is turned on. If it happens that it is turned on, then your Windows 7 Bluetooth problem is fixed, if not, then follow through with the next step.

Update Bluetooth Driver

Update Using Windows Update and from Manufacturer’s Website

You can decide to update your Bluetooth driver either manually or automatically. If you choose to update it automatically, then use Windows Update. look for “Windows Update” in the Start Menu then sit back while your PC updates on its own.

However, if you choose to settle with the manual update, then you will need to download the Bluetooth driver directly from the manufacturer’s website or you can simply download the Driver Update Utility from the manufacturer’s website. If you Bluetooth driver is downloaded manually, make sure the correct device and OS are selected before proceeding to download.

Compiled below is a list of the official places you can get drivers:

· Acer — this is for Aspire, Predator, TravelMate, and other PCs, alongside various Acer-made accessories, as they provide drivers for all mentioned.

· Alienware — Dell owns the Alienware brand. So, if you are a user, you are guaranteed of getting your Bluetooth driver software from their website.

· AMD — for their Radeon GPUs along with AMD APUs such as Ryzen which include Radeon graphics, AMD offers driver’s download. Their website also accomodate chipset drivers which is needed for motherboards having AMD chipsets — that is if your system has an AMD CPU.

· Apple — boot Camp support software that contains Windows drivers are being provided by Apple for its Macs.

· ASUS — drivers for laptop and desktop PCs such as ZenBook as well as Republic of Gamers (ROG) line of products, and other ASUS-branded gear are being hosted by ASUS.

· Brother — this proposes an array of drivers for its printers, fax machines, as well as scanners.

· Canon‘s website offers drivers for its digital cameras, printers, plus scanners.

· Corsair makes available hardware utilities for its gaming mice, keyboard, including headsets.

· Creative — downloads are being are provided for its Sound Blaster hardware and all other peripherals.

· Dell — drivers are manufactured for its Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, plus other PC hardware products which are available online and drivers for all other Dell products you may have.

· Epson — suggest downloads for its printers, scanners, projects, as well as other hardware devices.

· HP supply drivers for its Pavilion, EliteBook, ProBook, Envy, Omen, as well as other PC lines, including HP printers and all other products.

· Intel — for everything from its Intel integrated graphics to its Wi-Fi hardware, Ethernet controllers, motherboards with Intel chipsets, as well as an Intel solid-state drives, inter suggests driver downloads. It may be required of you to jump over a few loops to install the latest Intel graphics drivers if your PC manufacturer tries to stop you.

· Lenovo — for its ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga, and other PCs, plus other Lenovo accessories, a driver download is usually hosted.

· Logitech‘s website suggests downloads for its mice, keyboards, webcams, and all other peripherals.

· Microsoft — for products like Microsoft mice and keyboards, driver downloads are normally rendered. For Surface devices, Microsoft usually allocate drivers via Windows Update only. howbeit, manual Surface driver downloads are still accessible if you need them urgently.

· MSI — downloads are available for its laptops, desktops, motherboards, graphics cards, gaming peripherals, and all of its other products.

· NVIDIA proffer drivers for its GeForce graphics hardware and other NVIDIA products, such as its TITAN series of GPUs.

· Razer — for the Razer Synapse and Razer Surround utilities that are designed for Razer’s gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets are being hosted as software downloads.

· Realtek — audio drivers are being made available on its website, even though you may get the Realtek high definition audio drivers for your PC from your PC or motherboard manufacturer, too.

· Samsung‘s download center proffer drivers for Windows laptops and desktops together with every other Samsung product, as well as Samsung solid-state drives.

· Sony — driver downloads are very much available for its canceled VAIO laptops and desktops including various Sony-made accessories.

· SteelSeries proffers the SteelSeries Engine hardware utility for its gaming headsets, mice, and keyboards.

· Synaptics‘ website gives you their opinions on how to get Synaptics touchpad drivers from your laptop manufacturer instead of using generic drivers. Visit your laptop manufacture’s page for that.

· Toshiba offers driver downloads for its computers as well as other peripherals.

· Western Digital suggests firmware and utilities designed for use with Western Digital storage drives.

If you are looking to check for other brands you couldn’t get in the list above, I will suggest you visit the manufacturer’s official website and check for a download page.

Update Using Driver Pack

In a case whereby you could not locate the Bluetooth driver on your manufacturer’s website, or perhaps the driver you came across did not prove effective, only then can you try Driver Pack, a third-party free utility. Note that you should never waste money on subscribing to a Driver Utility, as most of them end up being a scam. Rather than assist you, they cause additional harm for your computer. additionally, you barely need to update drivers. Nevertheless, if the urge to use a third-party driver solution, be sure to use DriverPack as it is guaranteed!

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DriverPack can be perceived as a freeware which automates the update of missing drivers on your computer. Put to use by updating your Bluetooth driver with the steps below:

1. Download the DriverPack installer (6.4 MB).


2. Run the Driverpack Installer.

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3. Click “Run in Expert Mode”


4. Patiently await the completion of the process

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5. After a successful scan of your computer by the application, you will find a window displaying a list of missing or corrupted driver. only the Bluetooth driver needed to be updated should be selected. Also, under the apps tab, unselect all other adware apps such as Opera, Avast and others.

6. Click update. Now, you can sit back and enjoy. DriverPack will make a System Restore Point in case anything goes wrong, then the driver will be updated.

Update with Microsoft Catalog Update

However, in one of such unlikely cases that one of the steps above still did not get your driver updated, you can then try to download the driver from Windows Update Catalog by clicking on look for name of your Bluetooth device, or the Hardware ID preferably.

· For device ID check, select Windows+R, type “devmgmt.msc” into the box space, then hit Enter.

· Under the Bluetooth or Network Adapter choice category, choose your Bluetooth Device. Peradventure you are unable to find your Bluetooth, select the Other Devices category, and choose the unknown driver beneath it.

· Right-click on the suspected driver and click Properties.

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Windows will update you about the unavailability of suitable drivers — error code 28. Select the Details tab, choose the Property box, then click Hardware Ids in the list.

· The first string of letters you would see is your Bluetooth Hardware ID.


· Now you can look for the Hardware ID on Windows Catalog Update or Google.

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While the Bluetooth Driver will mostly be found on the Microsoft Catalog Website, as all Manufacturers are required to submit their driver respectively to Microsoft and Windows back up driver from PCs, finding your correct driver involves a lot of trial and error. It was not difficult for me to use the website to search for the precise driver for the sound card of my detachable laptop but I had to test up to ten different files before I got the right one.

Enabling Bluetooth driver in device manager

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If the Bluetooth driver is current (up-to-date) but the issue still persists, then authorize the driver to make use of the Device Manager utility. hit the start button and look for “Device Manager”. choose Device Manager in the result. As soon as the window opens, select the Bluetooth category as displayed in the screenshot. Under this category, you’ll see the Bluetooth hardware in the list. If not found in the Bluetooth category, you should see it under the “Network Adapters” category.

If a yellow exclamation mark appears on the Bluetooth icon, then you need to install the right driver before the Bluetooth hardware can work. If so, follow the steps under “update your driver again”. Disable and re-enable the driver to fix Bluetooth issue if a yellow exclamation mark does not appear.

Right-click on the Bluetooth device driver and hit “Disable”. Once again, right-click on the driver and click on “Enable”. Confirm if the Bluetooth is still working.

Enable Bluetooth Support Service in Services


In the start search bar, type services, then select Services to enter the Windows Services Manager. Search for Bluetooth Support Service in the list, right-click on it and hit Start. (If the Start option isn’t clickable [grayed out] then hit Restart). Again, right-click Bluetooth Support Service, this time click Properties.


There it is. Having issues with your Bluetooth in your Windows 7, or even other versions of Windows? using the techniques explained in this article is sure to resolve it all. Peradventure these steps don’t, you might want to consider buying an external Bluetooth device or change your PC. Microsoft no longer provide support for Windows 7 Afterall.


Set up startup type to Automatic. select Apply, then hit OK. Now confirm if the Bluetooth icon is found in the Notification section. Hopefully this can help you out.

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