System hacks: Fear of Microsoft stealing your privacy? Disable options do not entangle

SmartScreen is a feature that helps the Edge browser detect counterfeit websites. smartScreen analyzes the links that users enter in the browser and compares them to a database of websites marked as dangerous. If the user tries to load a risky page, the browser will issue a warning to make the user aware of the risk they will face if they continue to visit the site . Because the SmartScreen feature, which is enabled by default, allows the browser to include information such as security identifiers or SIDs (SIDs are unique identifiers tied to accounts) while submitting loaded URLs to Microsoft for analysis, some users may be concerned about whether, with SmartScreen enabled, Microsoft will tell some information about the user to others. Although this is only a one-sided guess by users, we can easily disable SmartScreen completely in the 1903 version of Windows 10 currently in use, so as to avoid getting tangled up in this privacy issue.

1. Disable SmartScreen in Windows 10

First click the Security Center icon in the system tray to launch Windows Security Center. If you don’t have the icon, you can click “Start→Settings→Update and Security→Windows Security Center” in order; you can also invoke it by typing “Security Center” in the search box in the taskbar.

Next, in the Windows Security Center “Protected Areas” selection area or under the “Security Overview” list, click on the “Application and Browser Control” option (Figure 1).


After that, set the SmartScreen total function to “Off”. Once the SmartScreen total function is turned off, the privacy settings of Edge browser or App Store will no longer be turned off separately, and all privacy upload channels related to it will be cut off (Figure 2).


Tip: If you know there are false positives when you visit a webpage, temporarily set the above total switch to “off”, you can visit the webpage normally.

If you want to control the SmartScreen of Edge browser alone when the total SmartScreen function is on, you can select “Off” option in the “SmartScreen for Micosoft Edge” option. Similarly, you can also select “SmartScreen for Microsoft Store applications” as “Off” to cut off the channel of sending personal privacy to Microsoft through the application store access (Figure 3).


2. The alternative of using a different browser

We can also use a different browser to avoid the SmartScreen control. For example, changing to an internationally known browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


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