Filtering junk mail with Never BlockSender in Microsoft Outlook 2019

It is possible to mark a recipient in your Inbox as a safe sender. Ifyou do not want to allow just a single email address from a largecompany and would prefer to allow receipt of all user addresses from acompany, then use the Never Block Sender’sDomain option (for example, In addition,if you belong to a mailing list, you can add this to the safe senders’list too. The steps are exactly the same for each of these options, andare illustrated here:

  1. In the Message pane, click on a message received from a recipientyou trust. Click on Home | Junk | Never BlockSender, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 166
  1. A dialog box appears, informing you that the sender of the selectedmessage is added to the Safe Senders‘list.
  2. Click on OK to confirm.

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