Software recommendation: Find a WebQQ replacement.

Many companies prohibit chatting at work, often by blocking QQ, closing ports and other methods, which makes many chatting software unusable. We used to be able to bypass the restrictions through WebQQ, but WebQQ stopped serving on January 1, 2019, so if you want to continue chatting covertly, you’ll have to find some other alternative tools.

Use your own system tools locally

For users on the same LAN, Windows 7 and above already comes with a chat tool called msg command, but you need to set it up a bit before using it. Let’s assume that the computer that sends messages is A and the computer that receives messages is B. First of all, you should operate on computer B. Start the Registry Editor, locate [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlTerminal Server], and set the right “AllowRemoteRPC” value to “1” (Figure 1).


Figure 1 Change the value

Now go back to PC A, open its Control Panel, expand “Control Panel→User Accounts and Home Security→Credentials Manager”, click “Add Windows Credentials”, and fill in the window that opens with PC B’s LAN IP address, login user name and login password of computer B (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Adding credentials

Tip: Since IP is used as the address for receiving information here, you have to fix the IP address of the LAN computers, which can be set manually in the NIC properties.

Open Control Panel on both computers A and B. Expand “Control Panel→System and Security→Windows Firewall→Allowed Programs”, click “Allow another program to run”, and then add “C: WindowsSystem32Msg.exe” added to the list of allowed (Figure 3), set up the two computers to restart.


Figure 3 Adding Allowed Programs

In the future, when we need to send a message to computer B on computer A, just start a command prompt and type in a command like “msg /server: * Meeting today at 17:00”, and a message box will pop up on computer B (even if the user screen is in standby). (even if the user screen is in the standby screen). Because the message is sent using the command line, you can also copy “server: *”, paste it into the command prompt, and then enter the message text directly (Figure 4) in order to increase the speed of sending.


Figure 4 The window for receiving messages

LAN chat room

For those who don’t like the command line, you can try the “LAN Chat Room” software. After installing the software on both sides of the chat, start it and set your personal information so that you can see your nickname and LAN IP address in the chat room that opens, as well as other logged-in users on the LAN (Figure 5).


Figure 5 LAN chat room display after login

Select the users you want to chat with, enter the conversation in the dialog window that opens, click “Send”, and everyone in the chat room will see the message (Figure 6).


Figure 6 Conversation using software

Hack.Chat online executive chat

The above method is only applicable to chatting within the LAN, but we can also chat online with our friends from outside the network through Hack.

Enter (mycfan is the name of the chat room you created, you can define it as you like) in the address bar of your browser and you will be prompted with “Nickname”, which allows you to set the name you want to use in the chat room. Enter the name and click “OK” (Figure 7).


Figure 7 Creating an Online Chat Room

On the page that opens, you can see a simple conversation window. Enter the conversation in the text box below and click “OK” to send the message. Send the above created chat room URL ( to your online friend and they will be added to the chat room. The other person will also be logged in and have a nickname set, so you can have a hot chat (Figure 8).


Figure 8 Online Conversation

Of course this URL can also be used for conversations between computers and cell phones. As long as one party first creates a chat room and sets a nickname, other users can join the created chat room through their browsers (including mobile devices) without installing additional software, making it very easy to use (Figure 9).


Figure 9 Join chat on mobile

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