Software recommendation: find the function of adjusting the Windows 10 font size

Previous systems, from Windows XP to earlier versions of Windows 10, had a font resize feature, but since the Creators version of Windows 10, the previous setting option was removed and replaced with a custom scaling setting. After adjusting with this feature, the effect is not as good as it should be, the icons even become blurred and cannot perfectly replace the removed adjustment setting option. If you use the registry to modify the system font size, it involves a very complicated operation and is also more troublesome. With the help of System Font Size Changer software, you can get back the function of manually adjusting font size in Windows.

The first time you run System Font Size Changer software, you will be prompted whether to save the default system settings, to prevent any mishaps, select “Yes” to keep the backup (Figure 1).


The default system font settings are saved in the form of a registry file .REG. If you need to restore it later, just double-click this file and import the original key values into the registry (Figure 2).


There are six Windows component items that can be used to set fonts. These include: Title bar, Menu, Message box, Palette title, Icon, and Tooltip. For example, to change the font size of the title bar, select the Title bar option, then drag the slider below to the appropriate font size, and set the supported font size to 1-20. The font number of the corresponding item in the left column will also be changed accordingly. After setting, click the Apply button to make the settings take effect (Figure 3). If you want to make the set font thicker, you need to check the Bold checkbox.


Tip: To set the appearance of the System Font Size Changer software, click the Theme button at the bottom of the window to change the display style between black and white (Figure 4).


The current font scheme can also be exported for retention. Click the Export button to save the current font scheme as a REG file. When you need to use such settings in the future, just double-click and run this file to quickly apply the full set of system component font size schemes to the Windows interface.

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