Finding and replacing data in Microsoft Excel 2019

The Find & Select tool isvaluable in order to locate data in a worksheet or workbook. Although itdoes not filter the data for you, it is a very useful tool in order tolocate and replace data throughout the worksheet or workbook. Inaddition to finding and replacing text, you can also find and replacespecific formatting only within a worksheet or workbook. The Find & Select feature is located on theEditing group of the Home tab ribbon. 

When locating data on a worksheet, you are able to search usingwildcard characters. For instance, once a range is highlighted, the useris able to search for all employees with first names that start with theletter B. The criteria to use in theFind what: text area would be B*. To locate one instance, click on Find Next. To locate all the instances inthe worksheet or workbook, click on FindAll. The references and values are shown at the bottom of thedialog box.

  1. We will use the SSGProductSort.xlsx workbook for thisexample.
  2. Click on a cell within the range you wish to search.
  3. Visit the Editing group on theHome tab, and then select Find & Select.
  4. Select the Find… option from thedrop-down list.
  5. In the Find what: placeholder,enter Smouthy.
  6. Click on Find All to see all theinstances of the searched word, or FindNext to scroll to the next instance of the wordindividually.
  1. To replace the word Smouthy withSmoathly, simply click on the Replace tab and type the word into theplaceholder, as illustrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 16
  1. Click to select Replace All at thebottom of the dialog box.

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