Software recommendation: FireEye Quickly display the URL of the link

Some time ago, Baidu search pointed to its own hundred incident was in an uproar, although Baidu quickly made adjustments, but they adjusted not the search results, but the search results of the URL to cover up. In fact, not only Baidu, there are many online this hanging sheep’s head to sell dog meat practice. So for those pages that deliberately hide the link URL, how can we quickly show the real link address?

For common Web sites, we generally just hover over the text of the link, the bottom of the browser can directly see the actual Web site, we can use this method when visiting the site or downloading software first preview to prevent access to the wrong site or download to advertising, rogue software (Figure 1).


Figure 1 hover to see the real website address

Mouse hover can directly see the actual URL, but now many download software use a jump URL, hover method to see only the jump URL. For this kind of URL, many websites download page is just a similar的地址, mouse hover to see is a jump address, click will jump to the real download address. In order to facilitate the use of Xunlei and other downloading these software, we can take the help of提供的服务查看真实的下载地址. After opening the above page, enter the original jump URL into the text box and click “Query”, so that you can see the original address and the real download address after the jump (Figure 2).


Figure 2 Checking the real download address

In order to facilitate sharing among WeChat and QQ friends, many URLs are sent through short links. In order to identify the real URLs, you can use https://duanwangzhihuanyuan.51240.com提供的服务进行网址还原. After opening the above URL, follow the instructions to paste the short URL into the input box, and click “Restore” to see the original URL.


Figure 3 View the recovered long URLs

Tip: Most providers of short URLs provide services to recover URLs. If your short URL cannot be recovered, you can try to go to the home page of the short URL service provider to restore it.

Some URLs may be encrypted, and you can use提供的解密服务来查看加密的网址 for the encrypted URLs. After opening the above page, enter the encrypted URL and click “Decrypt”, the actual code of the original URL will be clear at a glance (Figure 4).


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