Firefox Send Review: Simple and Private Large File Sharing Service

What is Firefox Send? Back in 2017, the first product of the Mozilla Foundation’s Test Pilot Web Lab, Firefox Send, came out. This is a simple and private free file upload service. Files are automatically encrypted when uploading to avoid unauthorized access. Authorized users obtain files, share files through peer-to-peer methods, and generate sharing links that can be invalidated after downloading. Firefox Send was still in the test development phase, and today it has finally left Test Pilot as an independent web service.

Firefox Send currently supports sending files up to 1 GB. After logging in to your Firefox account, you can increase the limit to 2.5 GB. This is sufficient for general file transmission. By default, the download link can only be downloaded once, or It automatically expires within 24 hours. If you want to let more people download or extend the file retention time, you have more options to choose from after logging in.

Anonymous user:

  • 1GB
  • Up to 1 day
  • Download 1 time
  • Support password protection
  • Support for multiple files

Registered user:

  • 2.5GB
  • Up to 7 days
  • Download 100 Times
  • Support password protection
  • Support for multiple files
  • Multi-device file management

It is worth mentioning that this service is operated by Mozilla. Users’ privacy and file security can be more protected. It is ideal in terms of speed and stability. The interface is simple and also provides multiple languages. Works with any browser, no additional software or extensions are required to download or install.

Website link:

How to use Firefox Send to share large files securely

STEP 1. After opening Firefox Send, drag the file you want to share to the dotted box, or click the blue button to select the file to upload. You can upload multiple files at one time, but the total size cannot exceed 1 GB.

If you want to upload files larger than 1 GB, or allow more people to download, and extend the file storage time to 7 days, you can register or log in to your existing Firefox account. The maximum file sharing after login will increase to 2.5 GB.

STEP 2. After dragging the file to Firefox Send, click “Upload” to quickly transfer the file and generate a download link.

STEP 3. The setting options below can adjust the number of downloads of the link (by default, 1 time, up to 100 times), the expiration date of the link (by default, 1 day, up to 7 days), although Firefox Send will automatically encrypt the file, users can still set password protection manually to prevent people who get the link from obtaining files, and this function can be used without login.

STEP 4. The file information and upload progress will be displayed when uploading the file. If you want to stop halfway, you can also press Cancel.

After uploading, Firefox Send will display the encrypted file, which can be transmitted through the URL. A file download link will be provided at the bottom of the page. Click “Copy Link” and then send the URL to others to get your shared file in Firefox Send.

STEP 5. How do I download files from Firefox Send? After opening the link, click “Download”, there is no verification code, and there is no waiting time or advertisement.

However, it should be noted that by default it can only be downloaded once. After downloading, the link will become invalid and cannot be used again. Remember not to run and download the file you shared when you share it. Download link.

Three reasons to try

  • Upload 1 GB file without login, increase to 2.5 GB after login
  • Pre-generated links can be downloaded once or expire automatically within 24 hours
  • Sign in to your Firefox account for longer save times or more downloads

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