How to Fix Geforce Experience Driver Download Failed

I have a problem on my Lenovo IdeaPad L340 related to the GeForce Experience application. While updating my driver, I came across the error, GeForce experience driver download failed. I am not that techy, so I don’t understand many on the internet. I would like to know more about resolving this issue without encountering stress. Thank you

GeForce Experience is a very popular application among users of the NVIDIA graphics cards. It has awesome features capable of delivering the required content without issue.

However, such awesome applications come with many issues. A popular issue people encounter while using the application is the GeForce experience driver download failed.

Many people venture online in a way to find a solution to the problem. However, this does not help matter because of the technical terms associated with the error. It is visible in the attitudes of the users. When we can’t fix the errors due to techy terms, we become disengaged and frustrated.

To combat this, we will delve into what the GeForce Experience feature is, its function and how you can fix the problem. By the time you get to the end of the article, we expect you to know how to fix GeForce experience driver download failed without stress.

What is GeForce Experience?

Getting to know what GeForce Experience means is necessary if you are not familiar with its function. If you are already familiar with the application’s feature, you can skip to the next section.

Many people do not know about the GeForce Experience. A lot of people also confuse the application’s functions with other applications.

GeForce Experience is an integral part of the NVIDIA graphics card. It is important in performing a load of action involved in running games and other heavy applications.

Below are the important features that GeForce Experience offers its users.

Functions of GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience has many functions. We will briefly discuss five of its important functions below.

Stream Games to Nvidia Shield Devices Using GameStream

If you have an NVIDIA Shield Tablet or a TV box, you can use a GeForce Experience as a game streaming hub. Shield TV and Tablet, provides you with 4K streaming on any game of your choice. You will also have access to all the games you have on multiple devices running NVIDIA.

Update Nvidia GPU Drivers Automatically

GeForce Experience removes the hassle users face with updating the drivers for their games. It is an application ideal for people who consistently forget to update their drivers. With updated GPU drivers, users experience immersive gameplay with most new games.

The application removes your worry about updates by auto-downloading the required updates. After downloading, the only thing left for you is to authenticate the installation process.

Capture and Filter Screenshots with Nvidia Ansel

Screenshotting might not be that epic feature you want. However, it is very useful in our daily activities. GeForce Experience uses NVIDIA ANSEL to capture screenshots during any action. This makes it possible to screenshot your gameplay whenever you like.

To use the feature while playing a game, you have to press ALT + F2. The feature also allows users to customize their screenshots.

Record and Stream Video Using Nvidia ShadowPlay

GeForce Experience is perfect for YouTubers in the game niche. It allows them to record their screen during gameplay. It uses the NVIDIA ShadowPlay, which is a video-recording software in the process.

When GeForce Experience is on, you can record any part of your gameplay by pressing ALT + F9. The graphic setting at which you record depends on you. You have the option to choose Low, Medium or High. To end the recording, you must press ALT + F9 again.

Another in-game recording feature that comes in handy is Instant Replay. It removes the stress of ending the recording as observed in ShadowPlay. Instant Replay will record your gameplay for an agreed period, e.g., 15seconds and after that close itself.

To use Instant Replay press ALT + F10.

Automatic Game Optimization

This function is probably the most required by hardcore gamers with eyes for immersive and smooth gameplay.

Many games required exceptional graphics to be able to bring their developers’ views to the limelight. In order to balance both system capability and gameplay, there is an option to tweak graphics.

Generally, there are low, medium, high, etc., settings. Users can record their gameplay through any of them. Nevertheless, some games render at optimal performance after checking the specs of the system.

With GeForce Experience, you can automatically optimize the games you have. You can also manually optimize the games you have. If you use the manual mode, the rendered image on the screen will show you how the graphics will be.

While the application has very functions, most users avoid it. The reason for this is because they feel it is bloatware. We can only advise you on the use of the application. Therefore, unless you need the features mentioned above, there is no need for the GeForce Experience.

How to Fix Geforce Experience Driver Download Failed


Many users encounter the error GeForce Experience Driver download failed during an update session. The error is visible via a pop up showing the message, or the PC having a blackout and restarting.

Many reasons result in GeForce experience download failed. Major reasons include:

  • Corrupted Digital Signature.
  • You are having your Antivirus on during the downloading process.
  • You are using an old version of GeForce Experience.

We will discuss how you can fix GeForce experience download failed below.

Solution 1: Check the Digital Signature of the Driver

Before GeForce Experience installs any file, it must authenticate the package. If the authentication process fails, you will get the error GeForce Experience download failed. Authentication will fail if you have a bad network card driver or bad network connection.

One way of knowing is by checking the digital signature of any application you just downloaded.

Below are the steps you to follow.

  • Download any application from the internet using any browser.
  • Navigate to the location of the downloaded file.
  • Right-click and select “Properties.”
  • Navigate to Digital Signatures and click on “Details.”
  • Check whether the signature is valid.

A valid digital signature is dependent on the drivers making up the network card and network requirement. Therefore, if the result you get is “not valid,” it means two things. Either a bad driver corrupted the file, or you have a network connection issue.

Before you begin the download, you must solve these two problems. Depending on your system, you can check your network card provider for an update. You can also change your internet connection mode and try again.

Solution 2: Temporarily deactivate your Antivirus and Firewall

Antiviruses can block the downloading process of some files if they find them malicious. This is also applicable to NVIDIA drivers. Some antiviruses such as “Comodo” can disrupt the updates of drivers which gives the error GeForce Experience driver download failed.

To avert this, you must deactivate the Antivirus during the process. You should also deactivate their processes that might be running in the background.

NB: When you complete the installation, immediately activate the Antivirus and firewall. This is to prevent your PC from malicious files.

Below are the steps to take if you want to deactivate your Antivirus and Firewall.

Open “Task Manager.”


There are many ways you can open Task Manager. One method is by holding down the Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Then click on “Task Manager.”

Select all the processes related to the Antivirus.

With each process, click on “End task.”

Restart your system.

You can then start the process again.

Solution 3: Reinstall GeForce Experience

There might be an error in the installation of GeForce Experience. It can also happen if you are running an older version of the application. To fix GeForce Experience driver download failed, you must reinstall GeForce Experience. The solution is in two parts. One is uninstalling the application. The other is installing it.

You can follow these steps to begin the process.


Navigate to Control Panel.

Click on “Program and Features.”

Select NVIDIA GeForce Experience and click on “Uninstall.”

Reboot your PC.

Download and install the latest version of GeForce Experience from their website.

Solution 4: Install and Download the drivers without using GeForce Experience

Modern users of GeForce Experience think that is the only the application to the download and installation of drivers. This is not true. You can manually download the drivers yourself.

When you download it yourself, GeForce Experience is no longer relevant. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to care about how to fix GeForce Experience driver download failed.

There are three major ways you can do that. One is by using Driver Easy. Another is by using Windows Update. The last one is a direct download from NVIDIA.

Download and Install from NVIDIA

This is a safe method of installing NVIDIA drivers on Windows without issues. Direct download from NVIDIA is secure. Therefore, there is lesser or no risk of an antivirus.

The drivers are also up to date, which makes them able to keep up with new applications and software.

In order to download the necessary drivers, visit their website. The drivers are always in executable (.exe) form. The only thing that remains is to follow the necessary instruction and install.

Install the driver using Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a third-party application for downloading and installing the necessary drivers. It does not matter whether they are system or GPU drivers.

With the application, you are free from the errors and risks of getting a wrong driver. You are also free from making a mistake during the installation process.

Driver Easy comes in both free and Pro version. You can use both to install the drivers. However, going Pro means comes with some extra features. For example:

  • It comes with better download speed.
  • Users can easily update drivers automatically.

You can begin the process by following these steps.

Download and install Driver Easy.

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Run the Application and Click the icon “Scan Now” to begin the process.

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Click on “Update” on the Nvidia driver you want to install. If you have the Pro version, click on “Update All” to update all drivers.

Use Windows Update

Windows Update is another method you can use to download and install your driver. However, it has a disadvantage. The disadvantage is that drivers downloaded might not be up-to-date.

The reason for this is quite simple. Windows Update will try and download a driver that is stable across many devices. They do not worry much about whether it is up-to-date or not.

Even though the drivers are secure and free from malware, it is only suitable for an average PC user.


GeForce Experience is an NVIDIA application of immense use. It is the ideal application to go for when looking for automatic download of drivers. It is also ideal for other features such as auto-optimization of graphics.

Like all other popular apps, users do encounter any issues. One of the top issues is fixing GeForce experience driver download failed.

This article covers GeForce Experience, its functions, and solutions to the problem. It also answers some important things about GeForce Experience. Surely one of the methods will work for you.

People Also Want to Know

  • Can GeForce drivers be downloaded without GeForce Experience?

Yes, you can download the GPU drivers manually without using GeForce Experience. You can use third-party applications such as Driver Easy or system applications such as Windows Update.

You can also visit NVIDIA for the GeForce driver you want and install them directly. Driver Easy is easy to use and will detect all drivers on your system. Windows Update is also efficient. However, drivers download might not be up-to-date. You can check our method for the process.

  • How Often to Update Graphics Card Display Drivers?

It depends on the model you are using. If you are using a new model, you must update the drivers as regular as possible.

However, users with older NVIDIA graphic cards must be careful about updating their drivers. Unless you have an issue with using new applications and software, you don’t need an update.

  • Is GeForce experience the same as NVIDIA control panel?

No, GeForce Experience is not the same as NVIDIA control panel. NVIDIA got everybody confused with the two apps. Yes, they have nearly the same functions.

However, GeForce Experience has a lot of features that broaden the range of what you can do. Makeuseof has something to say about their differences.

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