How to Fix Nvidia Display Driver Keeps Crashing

Hello, I have an issue. Countless times I experience my HP Omen 15 NVIDIA display driver crashing without anything happening prior. I googled about it, but I don’t seem to understand the solutions. I would like to know more about resolving this issue without having stress. Thank you

Graphics cards are important for running applications that require a very high resolution. They come with a lot of functions. That also means that it easy for problems to come up. Many issues affect users with systems having NVIDIA graphics cards. A popular one is the system’s NVIDIA display driver crashing.

There are many solutions in online communities. However, they are not really user friendly. Therefore, some users become frustrated with the technical terms associated with the solutions.

In order to reduce that, this post will treat issues related to the NVIDIA display driver. Why does it crash? And other things you should know. We hope that when you get to the end of the article, you won have a problem with fixing NVIDIA display driver crashing.

What causes NVIDIA display driver crashing?

NVIDIA display driver is one of the drivers that allow communications between the OS and the hardware. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you don’t need to worry about downloading one. Why then does it crash? Many issues can result in NVIDIA display driver crashing. However, the most plausible causes are power management related ad driver issues

Power management can cause the error by trying to change the settings on the NVIDIA video card. The same goes for corrupted graphics card drivers. Below we will discuss the solutions you can use for each method.

How to Fix NVIDIA display driver crashing

You don’t need to fret if you experience your system’s NVIDIA display driver crashing. We already know the culprits. The next thing is to find a solution to the problem. Below are two solutions you can try out.

Solution 1: Change Power Management Settings

Like we said when Power management is one of the factors that can lead to your NVIDIA display driver crashing. To solve the problem, you must change the power management settings.

Below are the steps you should take.


Navigate to Control Panel.

Change the view to “Small icons.” Do this by using the icon found at the top right-hand part of the screen.


Click on “Power Options.”

Change the power plan to “High Performance.”


Sometimes the “High Performance” option might not be visible. Click on “Show additional plans” to see it.


Click on “Change Plan Settings.”

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Click on “Change advanced power settings.”


Scroll down to “PCI Express”. Expand it to “Link State Power Management.” Under it, “Settings” must be off.


Navigate to My PC. Right-click on “PC Desktop” and click on “NVIDIA Control Panel.

Navigate from 3D Settings > Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings

Select “Power Management Mode”. Change it from “Adaptive” to “Prefer Maximum performance.”

Click on “Apply” to end the process.

If the problem persists while doing something on your system, you can try to change the compatibility of the application. To do that, follow these steps below.

  • Right-click on the game and click on “Properties.
  • Click on “Compatibility.”
  • Select “Disable Desktop Composition” then Click on “OK.”

If this method does not work, the error must be due to a faulty graphics display driver.

Solution 2: Fixing the Display drivers

If the issue is not due to Power Management, the next culprit is graphics drivers. Faulty drivers are another way you can experience your system’s NVIDIA display driver crashing. To do this, you must uninstall and get a new driver.

This solution will be in two parts which are:

  • The first method is to reinstall the display driver. This will be in two parts which are: Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.
  • The second method is updating the display driver using the Device Manager.

2.1 Uninstalling the display driver

There are many ways you can uninstall the NVIDIA graphics driver. If you have one already, you can go ahead. For those that don’t, you can follow the steps below.

Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Win + R shortcut on your keyboard (Windows and R key).

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Open the Device Manager by typing the run code devmgmt.msc in the Run box. Then click on “OK.”


Navigate to Display adapters and expand it. It will show the NVIDIA display driver. Right Click on the driver and click on “Uninstall.”

Restart your PC so that what you did can take effect.

2.2 Download and Install the new driver

There are many ways you can download and install the new driver on your system. We will expatiate on three foolproof methods that you can use. They are:

  • You can directly download from NVIDIA.
  • You can use a third-party application, e.g. Driver Easy.
  • You can use Windows Update.

All three methods are easily accessible. However, we will recommend using the first two methods. This is because they are secure and allows you to install the latest drivers.


Direct downloading your display drivers from NVIDIA will help remove the risk of antivirus. It will also ensure that you are using the latest version possible.

To download the file, you should visit their website and download. The driver is generally in executable (.exe) form, and you only need to follow the instructions to install it.

NB: You should off the antivirus present during the installation process.


Driver Easy is another option if manual downloading and installation is stressful for you. It is a third-party application used in automatic downloading and installation of drivers on Windows. Like the downloading process from NVIDIA, it is secure. You do not need to worry about malware infecting your file during the process.

However, it has advantages over the other two methods. With Driver Easy, you a free from getting the wrong driver. Also, no mistake can occur during the installation process.

NB: You might need to turn off your antivirus during the process.

Driver Easy comes in both free and Pro versions. You can install necessary drivers using both versions. Although, you will get special privileges if you go Pro. With the Pro version, there is better download speed and easy update of all drivers using the “Update All” button.

Before you begin the process, you must download and install Driver Easy. After that, you can continue with the steps below.

Run the Application and Click the icon “Scan Now” to begin the process.


Click on “Update” on the Nvidia driver you want to install. With the Pro version, you can use the “Update All” button to update all drivers automatically.

You can also use Driver Easy for all other drivers on your computer, whether they are GPU drivers or not.


You can also try to use Windows Update for downloading and installing drivers. After uninstalling the display driver and restarting your pc, Windows update normally kicks in and installs the new one.

The method is also secure. However, it has a disadvantage. The disadvantage is that the drivers are sometimes not up-to-date. The reason for thi
s is that Windows aims at installing a driver that will work on a general basis. Therefore, it provides users with a stable version. Sometimes, the stable version it installs is not up-to-date. This will affect users running new applications and software.

Nevertheless, for average PC users, it is worth trying out.

Update the display driver using the Device Manager

You can install the driver using the device manager if you have the driver files on your PC. For this method, you don’t need to uninstall the previous driver. Download the latest driver via NVIDIA and follow the steps below.

Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Win + R shortcut on your keyboard (Windows and R key).

Type the code devmgmt.msc and click on “OK” to open Device Manager.

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Navigate to Display adapters and expand it. It will show the NVIDIA display driver. Right-click on the driver and click on “Properties.”


Switch to the “Driver” tab and click on “update driver.”

Click on “Browse my computer for driver software.” Then navigate to the location of the driver. Click on “OK” to install.


For many users learning how to fix NVIDIA display graphics driver crashing is very stressful. Online communities are also not helping matters with a myriad of technical terms associated with solving the problem.

This post covers what causes the NVIDIA display driver to crash, how to fix and other things you might want to know. By now, you should have picked a trick or two on how to fix NVIDIA display driver crashing.

People Also Want to Know

  • Can I manually update my NVIDIA drivers?

Yes, you can manually update your NVIDIA drivers. You can do this by downloading directly from NVIDIA. This is possible without using third-party applications, system applications or GeForce Experience. You can check our method for the process.

  • How Often to Update Graphics Card Display Drivers?

It depends on the graphics card you are using. For older generations of NVIDIA graphics cards, you don’t need to update regularly. You should only update them when you have an issue with new applications. However, if you are running a newer model, you must regularly update the drivers.

  • Why does my Nvidia driver keep crashing?

Power management and faulty drivers are the major reasons why your system experiences the error NVIDIA display driver crashing. You can check through methods to know about solving the issue.

  • How do you update your graphics driver?

There are many ways you can update your graphics driver. One is by downloading directly from NVIDIA. Another is by downloading from Windows Updates. You can also use third-party applications such as Drive Easy to update them. This article expatiates on a method on how you can install them.

  • Which one is the better method to update my display driver?

Each method has its pros and cons. However, the most secure methods you can use are downloading directly from NVIDIA and using third-party applications like Driver-Easy. You can also download and install via Windows Update. However, this method is only ideal for those that are looking for the most stable display driver for their system.

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