System hacks: font display oddities Reset font cache

In the process of using Windows 10, sometimes we may encounter the situation that the characters in the desktop or windows of the computer are displayed vacant or messy, why the characters that are normally normal are displayed abnormally? This situation is often caused by the font cache corruption, you need to clear and rebuild the font cache to solve. The above operation needs to be done through Windows Service Manager.

First of all, we should understand that Windows system has created a cache for fonts in order to display fonts faster every time when starting system programs and loading applications. If the font cache file is corrupted, it will reflect the situation that Windows displays invalid characters. Therefore, to fix the font display problem, you should start from the font cache.

First, click the Cortana search box in Windows 10, type services.msc, and click “Services for Desktop” in the automatic search results to open the Windows “Services” Manager window (Figure 1). The Windows “Services” Manager window (Figure 1) will open.


Find the Windows Font Cache Service service in the list of services and double-click it to open its properties dialog. Click “Stop” under the “Service Status” column to stop the service, and select “Disable” under the “Startup Type” list (Figure 2). ” in the “Startup Type” list (Figure 2).


Similarly, locate the Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache service, double-click on the launcher service properties, set its service status to “Stop”, and then set the startup type to “Disabled ” (Figure 3).


After setting the above services, open File Explorer, set Show hidden files and folders via Folder Options, and then manually navigate to the following location.


If there is a system access permission request, let it go and enter. After entering the folder, delete all .dat files that are headed with FontCache (Figure 4).


Next, open the FontCache font cache folder you see and delete all of its contents. If you are unable to delete some files, restart your computer and try again. Since we disabled the two related services above, they will no longer start, so we can delete all the font cache related files without any problems.

After deleting all the font cache related files, finally, through the Services manager, enable the two services mentioned above and set them to the “Startup” state. This will allow you to rebuild the font cache.

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