Forced shutdown really did not hurt this thing is not so simple

A few days ago the official microblogging of Intel consumer products issued a microblogging, telling everyone that forced shutdown actually does not harm the computer hardware, is not a little subversive of everyone’s perception? In fact, this statement is right or wrong, after all, a short microblogging, many things can not be said clearly. I don’t know how many partners really did it and are now probably depressed about it. So let’s hurry up and talk about it carefully today, I hope there are not more little partners depressed.


Is it true that forcing the computer to shut down does not harm the real hardware? This is true, because as soon as the power button is pressed, the computer knows that it is going to shut down, which is no different from clicking on the “Menu – Power – Shutdown” button. As for the extra 5 seconds, it is actually the time to give the hardware “normal” into the shutdown mode, such as the swing arm of the mechanical hard drive can be returned to its place, and various power supplies are shut down according to normal procedures.


No loss of hardware, what about software? Of course there is loss, some may also be more trouble, such as 5 seconds only enough hardware shutdown, other actions are really too late to do, so the memory and hard disk cache data are not stored, the SSD also did not give the new data changes to do the conversion table FTL, etc..


As for the consequences, the next time you boot up and lose some data is light, SSD slowdown and software (including operating system functions) errors are also very common, and may not even be able to boot up, have to reinstall the operating system, rework the hard drive is also possible. So as long as there is a possibility, we should honestly use the shutdown function of the operating system.


I also have to emphasize that the “forced shutdown” refers to the specific operation of holding down the power button for 5 seconds, which gives a variety of hardware processing time, and directly unplug the power “forced shutdown” is not the same. Because the direct power off will cause the cantilever of the hard disk on the disk, sudden changes in voltage impact chips and components, etc., is really harmful to the hardware, never do so.


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