Forgot Word Document Password? Here’s How to Recover

Microsoft office word is among the most used computer application worldwide. We write and save documents and other essential information in Microsoft word. To protect the data from unauthorized persons, we often use passwords. We are humans, and regardless of how simple the password is, there are possibilities of forgetting it.

Many people ask, “I forgot my password, can I recover it?” well, do not panic because it is possible to unlock a word document when you forget the password. There are various methods you can use, and we wish to highlight the best solutions on how to unlock a word document. Look no further; use the following methods when you forget your word file password.

Way 1. Recover forgotten word document password with VBA code

When you forget your word document password consider using VBA code to crack it. The VBA code cracks passwords that are not complex effectively. This method breaks three-character passwords effortlessly. However, it is not only limited to three character passwords. It can also crack more complex passwords, but the duration taken varies. For complex passwords, using VBA codes can take a longer time to break.

The VBA codes are were created by Microsoft to help users crack passwords. These are found in Microsoft Visual Basic Editor present in both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft word. The VBA code automates different tasks when writing documents.

Do not use this password if your forgotten Microsoft word password is too complicated because it will waste your valuable time. But why use very complex passwords that are easy to forget? It actually makes no sense.

Follow these steps to recover your forgotten word document file using VBA codes.

1. Open the Microsoft word application and start a blank page. Combine the “Alt+F11” keys to initiate the Microsoft Visual Basic feature.

2. On the feature, click the “insert” tab. A drop-down menu will pop, select “module.”


3. Feed the VBA code to the next page. Start running the code by pressing “F5.”

4. Open the encrypted word document and upload it to the screen. The VBA code will start decoding the password. Be patient because the process might take some time, depending on the complexity of the password.


When the word document password recovery process is done, the password will be displayed on a small screen that pops up on your computer. Use the password to access your encrypted file.

However, this method has the following limitations;

  • The procedure is very specific and intricate, making it a reservation of computer elites.
  • It only supports the old versions of word documents. Try another option if you are using the latest Microsoft word applications.
  • It is not very practical for complex passwords with more than 3 characters.

Way 2. Recover forgotten word document password with free tool-GuaWord

Several things in life should worry you but not a forgotten password. If you tried using the VBA codes but failed because your password is involved, there are several other alternatives like GuaWord. It is a free online tool that is very popular with Microsoft word users. GuaWord is effective in unlocking forgotten ms word password.

Unlike other password recovery tools that use user interface, this free tool employs a command-line method to recover ms word file passwords. Download then install the program on your computer. To understand how the tool works, read a file called “readme.txt.” it has all the instructions you should follow when running your encrypted file.

Just like all other computer applications, perfection is an impossibility. GuaWord comes with the following limitations;

  • It takes time to crack encrypted word documents. I some cases, GuaWord takes up to 10 days. The saddest thing is that even with this time, successful decryption is not a guarantee.
  • It does not support new versions of word.

To decrypt your Microsoft word file using GuaWord, follow these steps.

1. Unzip the encrypted file to a folder

2. Copy the word docs and paste them into the folder

3. Click start programs followed by Accessories. You will see a command prompt.

4. Press enter and type GuaWord and click enter.

5. A prompt C:GuaWord will pop up. Type guaword on and press enter.

6. If you want to stop the program, press Ctrl+Break.

You can compliment GuaWord with other file managers like FAR to get accurate results. Please follow the steps carefully because any missed step is costly. Patience is paramount when using this method because it might take some hours.


Way 3. Recover forgotten word document password with CrackIt ( only for under word 2003)


CrackIt is one of the oldest tools used by Microsoft word users who forgot word password. CrackIt has never been updated. It is not as effective as other word document password recovery tools, but it works. However, if you are using any word version under word 2003, use CrackIt. You will recover your password in minutes.

Here is how to use CrackIt

1. Download the CrackIt software online and install it on your computer. To initiate the application, drag your cursor to the app and double click.

2. Click “browse” and upload the encrypted file.

3. Choose the characters and click “crack it.”

If the process is successful, your password will be displayed on the screen.

Way 4. Recover forgotten word document password online

Currently, the internet has the solution to most of our problems. Whether you want to find the nearest supermarket, latest phones, travel destination and any other thing the internet knows. Likewise, there are various software tools online that can effectively recover your word document password.

Most of the online tools require premium subscriptions but cracks word passwords slowly. Do not try using online tools if your password is complex. The magnificence of the online tools is that you are not required o install additional software.

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These are the limitations of online tools

  • It is time-consuming. Single password recovery can take over a week!
  • Privacy is not guaranteed
  • Recovery is also not guaranteed

Here are the steps o follow when recovering a word file password online

1. Choose the best online recovery server and upload your encrypted file

2. Provide your active email address and submit the file. You will be sent an email with your password when the process is complete.

Please do not use this method for unlocking sensitive data because your information might leak.

Way 5. Recover forgotten word document password with Passper for word

Passper is taking technology to heights never seen before. They are the solution when you forget a word document password for different word files. Passper uses technology to provide innovative quality solutions that are simple but effective.

Have you forgotten your password and wondering what to do? Here’s the real deal! Passper has password recovery software called Passper for word. You can download it online and install it on Microsoft word.

FAQ’s about Passper for word

· It is compatible with windows from windows version vista to windows 10.

· It uses advanced algorithms to crack passwords making it the most effective method of recovering forgotten word passwords.

· You can stop the process and start it over again without experiencing any problems.

· It takes very little time to crack passwords.

· Passper uses different scenarios to crack your word document.

Here are the best techniques to use when attacking using Passper for word

  • Dictionary attack. This technique integrates different characters to decrypt the forgotten word document password from its dictionary.
  • Combination attack. This technique combines different letters, symbols, and characters to retrieve the forgotten password from a word document.
  • Mask attack. The mask attacking method uses clues from the previous password. It is the best method if you can remember some characters of your word document password. The mask attack technique is efficient and fast.
  • Brute-Force attack. It is very slow and can take some days if the password is complex.
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Follow the following steps to recover your word file password using Passper.

1. Download the passper software online, then choose your preferred mode of recovery. Install it on Microsoft word and click “recover the password.”

2. Upload the encrypted file by clicking “Add” and choose the attack method to use depending on complicated your password is.

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3. Click “recover” to initiate the recovery process. Upon completing the process, the forgotten password will pop on your screen. What next! Open our file with the recovered password.


There are more tools that you can try to recover a Microsoft Word Document, which include;

1. Word Password Recovery Master

It is a free password recovery tool that cracks word document passwords of between 2007–013 versions. However, it can recover document open passwords for files created in word 2003 or older. The benefit of this tool is the fact that it is easy o install and also compatible with excel files.

2. Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard

It is the most effective password recovery tool, which is free. It is limited to recovering word document passwords. This recovery wizard tool uses the brute force method but can also work with the dictionary attack method if you have it.

Free Word AND Excel Password Recovery Wizard recovers simple passwords with less than 8 characters. This tool is easy to use.

Wrap up

A forgotten password should not be a reason you missed an interview or halt your daily routine. We have provided an indebt analysis with step-by-step procedures on how to use them. Try using any of the above methods, and am sure you will access your word document.

You can recover, crack, or remove passwords anytime you want to. Time should not be an issue because these tools take less than a minute to give you the solutions.

Try different tools to find your most preferred. That’s all, folks!

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