How Long Does it Take to Format 500gb/1tb/2tb/3tb/4tb Hard Drive

Hard drive format is important in clearing up space on your drive and protecting it from clogging up. This article defines the types of format, what differentiates them; and how long it takes to format hard drives of different capacities. You will learn how to recover data from a disk that has been formatted, in the event that you need the data back.0FVVwMb6dbX8U2 38

Full Format vs Quick Format

It is important to begin with a knowledge of the types formatting available; they include the Quick Format and the Full Format. The definition of each type of formatting basically explains how long it takes to perform either. A full format takes a longer time than quick format.

Here is the difference between both:

· Quick format deletes data from your drive partition and doesn’t totally erase. Full format on the other hand completely clears files from the partition of your drive.

· While both format processes rebuild cluster size, file system, and volume label, full scan goes further to scan for any logical bad sectors that may be lurking on the drive.

· Full format is the real sense of formatting, unlike quick format. This is because quick format only destroys the journal where files and locations are kept, since the data can still be found and recovered from the drive by a good recovery tool. Once a full format is done, files can no longer be traced as the original data are erased, the whole partition written as zeroes and even the zeroes are eventually erased. A recovery cannot be done in the case of a full format.

· Quick format is fast while full format is slow.

Let’s Check a Few Typical Cases to Know the Speed of Formatting a Disk

How long does it take to format a 500gb hard drive?

It takes a while to format a hard drive of 500gb capacity, especially if you are making use of a USB. If the numbers of hours are discouraging and you want to cancel and do a quick format instead, it can be achieved as the drive will not get broken.

How long will it take to format a 1tb hard drive?

It is important to note that performing a format on a hard drive is dependent on its capacity and the space that has been used on it. If you are performing a full format on a 1tb hard drive, it could take up to two hours. With a USB connection, this time frame can extend to a whole day.

How long will it take to format a 2tb hard drive?

Again, a 2tb hard drive can be formatted using the “Quick Format” method and it can be done in a matter of minutes. However, this is not advised as it is not thorough. A full format can take up to over 24 hours over a USB. This is because the PC is carefully going through each section and part of the drive to completely format.

How long does it take to format a 3tb hard drive?

If you follow the rules, your 3tb hard drive can be formatted in a day. Use the NTFS journaling filesystem to format the drive and ensure that the quick format option is unchecked.

How long does it take to format a 4tb hard drive?

If you are formatting a 4tb hard drive, expect it to take quite a long time. This is mostly applicable to full format, instead of quick format mode. If it begins to take up to days however, then something is possibly wrong with it.

When to Choose Quick Format or Full Format?

In order to overcome the dilemma of deciding which format mode you want to apply to your hard drive, you need to understand the suitable cases that should prompt you to choose either mode. They go as follows:

Suitable Cases for Quick Format

These are the situations where quick format is advisable or can be applied:

· Where you need to format your drive fast for continuous use, the quick format is advisable. It is fast because bad sectors of the drive are not examined and dealt with.

· If there is a future possibility that the data on the drive might be useful again, this format can be applied. This is because with a good recovery tool, data can be recovered from a drive that has undergone quick format.

· If the drive will not be given to anyone but still in your possession for possible use again, then use the quick format mode

Suitable Cases for Full Format

The suitable cases for a full format to be required are outlined below:

· If the hard drive has issues or some bad sectors, it is advisable to use the full format method as this will search for, and erase every badaspect of the drive so it will be problem-free.

· If the plan is to give out the drive or even to sell it, the full format is highly recommended. This will ensure that your sensitive information get totally erased so they do not leak out or get accessed by the new owner of the drive.

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