Formatting text, styles, andparagraphs          in Microsoft Word 2019

Formatting means changing the way your document looks. A character isa letter, number, or symbol that makes up the text of your document. Wewill look at the formatting of characters and paragraphs in thissection.

To format text in a document, we can use the icons under the Home tab or the mini toolbar. Although youcannot edit through the mini toolbar, when select text in a document, itoffers you the frequently used formatting options. If you rest yourmouse pointer on the mini toolbar, it stays active. If you ignore it,the mini toolbar becomes transparent, disappears, then reappears whenyou next select some text to format:

ms office 880

Remember that the icons in the ribbon can easily be identified byplacing your mouse on the icon for a second. This presents a tooltipwith a short description of the icon. We will investigate the variousformatting options under the Home tabin the following section.

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