Office hacks: free design and production of flowcharts without Office

Although the current mainstream office software MS Office or WPS Office support the production of flowcharts, but because the production process is more complex, the collocation operation is more cumbersome, and requires the installation of such software in the computer, so for the occasional production of a simple flowchart users, more inconvenient. In order to make various flowcharts more quickly and conveniently, we can actually choose to use third-party services or software to make them.

1. Multiple devices to make professional flowcharts

If we often use devices such as iPAD, Android phone or Windows computer, tablet, etc., then using Grapholite service is a good choice for creating flowcharts. This flowchart creation service is available for all the popular platforms mentioned above.

First, open a web browser on your handy device and visit Grapholite’s homepage ( In the Grapholite homepage, click the START DRAWING NOW button (Figure 1).


Next, depending on the platform used, download and install the appropriate interface program, and open it to start the production task (Figure 2).


Launch the Grapholite interface, click the New button, select a type from the flowchart templates, and start making them. grapholite templates include Venn diagrams, UML diagrams, mind maps, site maps, organization charts, wireframe diagrams, and other complex structural diagram templates (Figure 3). During the design creation process, we can use the built-in shapes and diagrams provided by the tool to create diagrams in a professional manner.


Although the free version cannot save files directly to the web or locally, we can use the software’s export command “File→Export” to save the designed flowchart in PNG image format for utilization.

2. Teamwork and communication while designing

If we need to design flowcharts collaboratively and need to communicate with each other during the design process, then Wireflow service is a good choice.

First, go to the Wireflow online service page ( Click on the Start Designing button to start the design process (Figure 4). Using the many built-in templates provided by Wireflow, you can create beautiful diagrams with a simple drag-and-drop process. Complex diagrams can also be created at design time using a variety of graphics and drawing tools. By logging in as a registered user and adding collaborators to your friends list, you can communicate online during the design process and make collaborative design of flowcharts more efficient.



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