Software recommendation: free online check and kill without fear of viruses

Sometimes the computer is infected with a virus and even the locally installed antivirus software does not work anymore. In this case, if there is no problem with the network, you can use free online antivirus services to help solve the problem. Here we introduce you to several online antivirus services.

1. full scan check of the local environment

If you want to do a full scan of your local system environment, you can use ESET Online Malware Scanner, which detects malware viruses, spyware, adware, worms, Trojans, etc.

First locate the ESET Online Malware Scanner service homepage and click on the SCAN NOW button at the bottom of the screen (Figure 1).


A pop-up window will then appear, prompting to open a program, which will be downloaded and opened automatically after clicking on it, with which you can perform an online scan check (Figure 2).


2. Security check for a specific URL or file

If you want to check the security of a specific URL or a file, we can use ScanThis online checking service.

First open the ScanThis homepage at If we want to check the security of a particular URL, simply enter the URL to be checked in the Enter the URL dialog box and click the Scan now button below. If you want to check the security of a local file, click the “Select File” button to upload the software, and then click the Scan now button to enter the file transfer (Figure 3).


After the transfer is completed, a pop-up page indicates the end of the upload and click Continue to enter the scanning session (Figure 4).


During the scanning process, the web page displays a prompt message about the scanning process and the prompt page dynamically refreshes the display content (Figure 5). After the scan is complete, the prompt page displays the final scan results.


Extended Reading.

There are many more websites of services that can perform online security scans, such as House Call Free Online Virus Scan (, (, etc.

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