System hacks: from now on, it is more convenient to eject USB devices

Unplug the USB device is not very annoying, tedious steps to operate: first need to move the mouse to the lower right corner, then find and click the USB device icon, in the pop-up menu to find the device click the eject and then go to unplug the device. In fact, as long as the registry to modify this operation into the right-click menu, we just need to click the right mouse button in any blank space on the desktop, you can remove the USB device operation, it is much more convenient.


First, click the Start menu, type “regedit” and then confirm the click to bring up the Registry Editor; locate “Computer HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDesktopBackground” at Click to expand, find the “Shell” item right-click, and select “New – Item” to name the new item Remove USB (major spaces and case).


After that, click the new “Remove USB” entry with your mouse, then right-click in the right window, select “String Value” in the pop-up menu, and name this entry icon. Note that you should not confuse the location of any new entries in the left-hand registry tree.


Next, double-click the icon string value you just created, and in the Edit pop-up menu, modify the value data to fill in “hotplug.dll,-100” and click OK. Note that this is an English half-comma “,” instead of a Chinese half-comma “,”.


After modifying the string value, we need to go back to the left side of the registry tree, right-click “Remove USB”, select “New-entry” and name it ” command”.


In the right window of the command item, right-click the mouse and select “String Value” in the pop-up menu and name it icon as well.


Finally, the same double-click the icon string value, modify the value data to “C:\Windows\System32\control.exe hotplug.dll”, click OK.


Later we click the right mouse button in the desktop margin, you can see in the pop-up menu “Remove USB”, both uninstall the USB device option.


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