Full-screen perfect match to teach you to customize a better gesture function

Most new Android phones today have integrated gesture controls, but whether they are reasonable and useful is not always the case. For example, some people like to achieve the return function by swiping along the sides of the screen towards the middle, but the phone system can only return by swiping up along the bottom sides of the screen. So, how can you create the smoothest gesture operation?

“Hover Sidebar” (download address please search by yourself) is a powerful gesture control APP, you need to give it auxiliary services, open notification and floating window permission after installing the APP on your phone, just follow the screen prompts to open them in turn.

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Take the bottom of the screen as an example, after checking the switch, a semi-transparent operation area will appear at the bottom of the screen, and we can fine-tune its position and size through the “Appearance” option, and customize the functions triggered by various taps and swipes in the “Gesture Bar”.

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The trigger is very rich, it can be either an application or set to simulate various function buttons, and it can also trigger a shortcut switch or a shortcut entrance for one-touch payment.

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Similarly, we can also add an action area to the sidebar of the screen and give it the function of triggering back when swiping, which will achieve the goal set in the introduction. Rest assured that by fine-tuning the transparency and width of the action area, we can hide it completely or make it inconspicuous, without affecting the normal display of the phone.

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As this app needs accessibility assistance, if the program is closed and restarted, you also need to re-open the accessibility permission, which is very troublesome. So we suggest you add it to the whitelist of background cleaning programs, and to prevent it from conflicting with the default gesture operation of the system, we suggest you set it to use virtual button operation and hide the virtual button in the system.

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Tip If there are app icons or function buttons happen to be covered by the operation area of the hover sidebar, it may cause the problem of invalid click. So, when we set the location and size of the operation area, we should try to avoid the area that is frequently operated.

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