Game headset covered to sweat? Such a choice can easily a summer

For the player partners, the headset is an indispensable companion every time the game, after all, “no sound what play can not come out”. But the weather is getting hotter and hotter, even in the air-conditioned room, covered with large headphones can not help but sweat. But unplug the headphones on the phone and replace it with, and always feel a little “wrong taste”. This is actually very simple, together with the editor to change a more relaxed game headset it.


“Put aside” large ear cups, the use of earbud type, hanging ear type of game headset these years out of actually quite a lot, and the price, performance are also good, is the best choice to accompany our game summer. But these headphones look no different from the digital headphones we usually use, in the end what is different? And how to choose it?


The first is the interface, now almost all digital headset is a single 3.5mm, 4 section design, the headset microphone connection into an interface. While most gaming desktops and gaming notebooks use separate headset interfaces to provide greater headset “thrust” and reduce interference, so to play games, dual interface is a must, of course, the adapter and USB interface can also be considered.


The second requirement is the cable length, the general digital headset cable length of 1m ~ 1.2m, just suitable for connecting the hands or pockets of the phone. However, the use of gaming notebooks or desktop desktops, then the line length of 1.2m is the minimum, to connect to the desktop back interface or desktop under the table, 1.5m or even 2m cable is enough, if the line is not long enough, at least have a long enough extension cable.


The third is the microphone, digital headset microphone is generally integrated in the line control or earbud part, usually enough to talk, more noisy when the line control to the mouth on the good. But playing the game is not free hands, then an external long pole microphone is the best way, do not have to shout at the top of your voice teammates can also hear clearly.


Finally, the line control, the general digital headset tends to make the line control small, some thicker than the line is not much, good-looking and can be used. But let the little partner while busy with the game while fumbling with the line control to adjust the volume or turn off the microphone is a bit unpleasant, so a larger line control design is more suitable.

Of course, the specific like what kind of headset also depends on the habits of partners, such as playing the game when more excited, like to swing the head, that more solid ear support a design is necessary. In short, this summer we will change a headset, together with more enjoyable to play the game.


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