Software recommendation: get rid of Microsoft online office more convenient

Since Microsoft Office software has an absolute market share, its document format has actually become the standard format for many documents. But because Microsoft Office is a special format, it is inevitable that some problems will occur when operating. Then encounter such a situation to reinstall an office software is very troublesome, so online office can be a good solution to the problems faced by users.

Edit documents online without installing software

In fact, many people, like me, in dealing with some simple text information content, and do not want to use the bloated Office Office software, but to choose some of the more simple and practical third-party text editor. However, sometimes the leadership requires us to submit the file format, must be the Office format to be able to. So how to convert this time?

If the user’s computer system is not installed Office Office software, then use some online editing services can be converted. For example, we open the newly launched “Tencent Document” service official website (, click the “Use Now” button and then scan through QQ or WeChat mobile client to successfully log in. Now click the toolbar in the “New” button, in the pop-up menu, select “New Online Document” or “New Online Form” command can be. For example, we clicked on the “New Online Document” button, so see the common templates for blank documents, work dailies, work summaries, users just need to choose according to the operation can be (Figure 1).


Tip: Since this service uses a lot of HTML5 technology, it is recommended that users upgrade their browsers to the latest version so that they can better perform the corresponding document creation and editing operations.

In the upper right corner of the pop-up New Document page, you can set the name of the new document. Then we copy and paste the contents of the text file into the editing window of “Tencent Document”, and then use the commands in the toolbar to edit the contents of the corresponding layout. Since all the operations are carried out in the cloud server, the server will automatically save the contents of the user’s document on a regular basis, so there will be no problem of losing the file. When all operations are completed, click the “More Operations” button in the upper right corner of the page. In the pop-up menu, select the “Save as Local File” command, so you can download and save the file to your hard drive, and then submit it to your leader for review.

Tip: If you want to edit the existing Word document inside the hard disk, then click the toolbar “Import” button, you can select the file to be edited in the pop-up dialog box. However, “Tencent Document” can only import Microsoft-formatted documents at present, and does not support Kingsoft WPS and other formatted documents for the time being. If you want to import Kingsoft WPS format files, you can modify the file suffix name to Microsoft Word suffix name inside the hard disk, and then carry out the import operation on it.

Collaborative office work efficiency greatly improved

Usually the documents we submit to the leadership need to be revised repeatedly, but colleagues often have different views on the document, so it requires more than one person to discuss and modify it. The traditional method is to create the document and send it to other users by QQ or email, and then send it back to us after he finishes modifying it. Naturally, this is a very tedious operation, and collaborative work is the best solution.

First, upload the documents you need to discuss together to the Tencent Document server, and then click on the file name link in the list to open the file in the web page. Next, click the “Permissions” button in the toolbar, and select other users in the pop-up dialog box to manage the document, we can choose to view or edit and other options. If the user chooses “Only specified members can view/edit”, then click the “Add editable specified members” button below, and select the QQ friends you want to invite in the pop-up list (Figure 2).


Next, click the “Share” button in the toolbar, and in the pop-up dialog box, you can get a sharing link, and then send the link out via QQ or email (Figure 3). When other colleagues open the share link, they can edit the content of the file at the same time, and everyone can see the latest file content in real time. In this way, the creation and modification of the file can be completed quickly, thus better improving the efficiency of collaboration among colleagues.


But in the collaborative editing of a document, we may also encounter such a problem. It is found that the latest version of the revision, in fact, is not as effective as a previous version, so you want to revert to a previous version. To solve this problem, it is very easy to click the “More Actions” button in the upper right corner of the page and select the “View Revision History” command in the pop-up menu. In the pop-up page, you can see all the revision versions of the file, select the version you need and click the “Restore” button to restore the file content to the previous version (Figure 4).


Free translation assistant anytime, anywhere

Sometimes the information we download from the Internet is all in English, so for many users it is necessary to use translation software to read it. Although there are many translation software on the Internet, such as Baidu Translate, Youdao Translate, Google Translate, etc., they all have a limit on the amount of text information that can be uploaded. Therefore, in order to carry out full-text translation, it is often necessary to operate in sections before you can.

But now the operation is much simpler in “Tencent Document”, users first follow the previous steps to upload the translated documents to the cloud server. After opening this document, click the “Enter Intelligent Translation Mode” button in the toolbar, so that the current window will be automatically divided into two areas, so that both the original text and the control translation results can be displayed (Figure 5). Click the “Generate New Document” button in the upper-right corner of the translation result to save the translation information as a document, so that the translated content can also be edited.


Add a watermark to protect your work documents

If your company’s documents need to be distributed to the public and you are afraid that others will damage them, then adding a watermark is a good way to protect them. This not only has the effect of publicity, but also increases the awareness of copyright among users. In the “Tencent Document” open the document to add a watermark, then click the toolbar “Set Watermark” button. In the pop-up dialog box “watermark text” input box, set the corresponding watermark information. Then select the style of a required watermark, and finally click the “OK” button to complete the addition of the watermark (Figure 6).


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