Office hacks: give PPT a movie subtitle endings

The usual PPT ending is just a simple “Thanks for watching”, while the method introduced below allows you to add a similar effect of scrolling subtitles for the actors at the end of the movie, which is very cool. The following example is done in PowerPoint 2016.

Add a subtitle effect to the document

First of all, create a new document in PowerPonit, enter the relevant content information, and then select all the content through the Select All command. Next click the “Start” tab, find “Paragraph” in the “Center” option and click it, so that all the content is centered for display. Then separate each line of content by the Enter key, so that it can be viewed better later. Here we should remind you that the input information must be sunken as a whole, otherwise the effect of scrolling subtitles will not be reflected.

Next, click on the “Animation” tab of PowerPonit, click on the button in the lower right corner of the column of animation effects, and select the “More Entry Effects” command in the pop-up dialog box (Figure 1). This will bring up a dialog box window, drag the scroll bar of the dialog box at the bottom position, we can see a “subtitle-style” effect (Figure 2). Select it and click the “OK” button, return to the software window and click the “Slide Show” tab. Then click the “Start from the beginning” button, we can set up a preview of the effect.



Tip: If the user uses an older version of PowerPonit software, then you may not be able to find the effect of “subtitles” inside the animation effect. At this point we can select the “More Exit Effects” option, select “Fly Out” in the pop-up dialog box, then in the “Effect Options” dialog box will After setting “Direction” to “To Top” in the “Effect Options” dialog box, we can also achieve similar effects as the subtitles.

Modify the subtitle parameters

The previous configuration has actually completed the effect similar to the end of the video, but all the configuration is done according to the default parameters of PowerPonit, if you want to operate according to your needs, then you need to modify the relevant parameters.

First click on the “Animation” tab in PowerPonit, then click on the “Animation Pane” button in “Advanced Animation”. In the right list of the pop-up window, you can see the animation options we have created. Select it and click the right mouse button, then click the “Effect Options” command in the pop-up menu, which will bring up a window with settings for the animation effect.

For example, many videos will appear at the end of the end credits, so we can also add some sound effects at the end of the PPT document (Figure 3). First of all, click the “Effect” tab in the dialog box, and select a desired sound effect in the “Sound” list. If you are not satisfied with the options, you can click on the “Other Sounds” option at the bottom, and then select the sound effect file you have prepared from your hard disk.


Besides that, users may not be satisfied with the scrolling speed of the subtitles, so you can click the “Timing” tab in the dialog box (Figure 4). For example, here we set the “Delay” option to 1 second, the “Period” option to 15 seconds, and the “Repeat” option to “None”. After all the settings are done, click the “OK” button and then preview to achieve our desired effect.


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