System hacks: Give Windows 10 scrollbars to lose weight

One of the greatest benefits of Windows 10 is the ability to customize, we can modify many features, settings according to their own needs. But there are some things that seem impossible to adjust, such as the current window scrollbar, I have always wanted to modify, for the simple reason that it is really too “thick”! So how can I change it? After all, all settings do not provide the option to modify, but this can not be difficult to defeat the author, after research really found a way to modify.


It is not a mystery how to modify the scrollbar, we can adjust it through the registry editor. It is worth noting that the size of the scrollbar can only be adjusted for Win32 applications, those downloaded from the Microsoft App Store cannot be modified. In addition, if some program developers choose custom settings while ignoring the universal Windows 10 settings, the scrollbars in these programs are not affected either.

After understanding these issues, we first click on the Start menu and type “Regedit” to enter the registry editor.


Next, locate “HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktopWindowMetrics”. In order to resize the scrollbars and scroll buttons, the keys to be edited are “ScrollHeight” and “ScrollWidth” respectively, if they don’t exist, you can create them manually and enter the keys manually. The default value is -260 in Windows 10 2004 and -255 in previous versions.


We are going to do this by modifying the “ScrollHeight” and “ScrollWidth” key values, double-clicking on both of them and modifying the values respectively. Note that the value of this part is negative, actually -15 multiplied by the pixel width, so the default value of -260 means the size is about 17.3px, because -15×17.33=-259.5, which is about equal to -260. and the value of the thinnest scrollbar and thickest scrollbar allowed in this part is between -120 and -1500, we just need to modify the two keys according to our We just need to modify the two key values respectively according to our own situation, and after the modification, restart the computer to see the actual effect.



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