Glary Utilities vs. CCleaner

For the smooth operation of your laptop or PC, it is always good to clean your system hard drive. It keeps your system safe from any trash items stored somewhere in the machine and promotes better performance.

But the dilemma arises in the selection, as you will find an extensive number of scam cleaners and optimizers available online that can make anyone’s head spin.

You will come across similar products that promise to speed up and clean your PC in a minute. But are all these effective? No! Some can even annoy you by making changes to your system to inundate you with tons of ads.

So, to take out this confusion, we came up with a solution. Here, we will compare two software offering the best deals. Let’s take a quick tour to Glary utilities vs CCleaner.

Overview of Glary Utilities and CCleaner

Before making a comparison and taking a look at Glary Utilities vs CCleaner, first take a brief understanding of both these software.


CCleaner is a software used to clean potentially unwanted files (temporary internet files) known for malicious code, and programs that tend to occupy space in your system. Developed by Piriform, it was originally named Crap Cleaner. This company is based in London, UK and its main activity is the development and optimization of software for Windows, Mac OS, and Android. Besides the famous CCleaner, they also created other apps, including Speccy, Defraggler, and Recuva.

Glary Utilities

Glary is a debugging utility or system optimizer developed by Glarysoft Ltd. The company’s main activity is to develop multimedia, system, and network applications that address the computer problems encountered by users around the world. The main product of Glary is the Glary utilities available for Windows and Android device users. Besides its main product, they also offer many other useful and free apps. These include:

· Quick Search

· Registry Repair

· Glary Undelete

· Absolute Uninstaller

· Quick Startup

· Disk SpeedUp

· Security Process Explorer

· Glary Disk Explorer

· Glary Tracks Eraser

· Glary Disk Cleaner

· Duplicate Glary Cleanser

Comparison: Glary Utilities vs. CCleaner

When it comes to cleaning up the system, various free and paid third-party applications are available in the market to keep your system clean from malicious files and make it run faster.

Based on our research and user reviews, here is the comparison of Glary Utilities vs. CCleaner

Data Cleaning

CCleaner software aims to clean your Windows specifically and with focused action. When you launch the CCleaner application, you go directly to the Cleaner tab. From there, select that you want to clean. But it is important to practice caution. The software is pretty good at detecting junk files that you won’t miss, so you should check what it is doing at all times so that you don’t have any surprises.

Glary Utilities is not a targeted cleaner. It is, however, an incredible suite of system management tools. With its amazing one-click maintenance mode, you get your Windows computer up to speed in no time. It also has advanced settings that allow you to select everything about the process.

Operating System

CCleaner can be used on both Windows and Mac OS. Now the Android version is also available.

But when we do Glary Utilities vs. CCleaner, Glary software is currently available only for Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista and XP. The software, however, is suitable for personal and business users.


CCleaner has awesome features. It is suitable for simple infrequent system cleaning and small optimization. But those who need more sophisticated tools that produce a manifest consequence should turn to more dedicated software. Other issues that put PC users at risk are:

· Update without user permission

· Activate collection options

· Monitor user system information

· Hard to get out

On the other hand, Glary Utilities is safe, as long as you download the legitimate tool. But using a feature incorrectly will only cause more problems than fixes. Therefore, you must understand each feature to stop making the situation worse.

If you want to improve security and safety, using Glary Utilities with an anti-malware program is recommended. This program can identify and remove the most resistant malicious entities.

Easy to Use

CCleaner is easy to use; one-click cleanup allows beginners to optimize their computers in seconds. But the most beneficial part is that it’s quick and contains NO spyware or adware!

Glary program is also user-friendly software that uses a tab system. It is easy to understand, so new users should know where they are going right away. Just like any other program, there will be a learning arc for beginner PC users. The one with computer skills will understand most of the terms quickly.


To give you a better idea of software capabilities, here are the main features of both the software:


CCleaner has different levels, and each level package contains different features. The higher the level, the little extra will be functionality.

Free version features:

· Boot Optimizer scans and eliminates unnecessary processes to reduce the time that the computer takes to boot.

· Duplicate file scanner and eliminator, reclaim storage space on your hard drive, and improves performance.

· It has browser privacy management tools that speed up your browser and enhance security by clearing cookies, browsing history, and other data.

Professional version features:

· Automatic analysis and maintenance with a scheduling assistant help to perform maintenance tasks at specified intervals.

· Premium technical support helps you with all related issues.

· It offers moderate malware protection via a real-time process monitor to prevent suspicious applications and processes from harming your system (no antivirus replacement).

· Automatic Updates keep the database safe from known threats and viruses.

Professional Plus version features:

· Disk defragmenter comes with more features than standard operating system defragmenters.

· If you have deleted your data intentionally, the software offers you file recovery tools to recover data from your hard drive.

· A hardware inventory and driver function records system configuration and alerts you to any changes and updates.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities offers several system tools to repair, maintain, and protect your PC. The free version has many characteristics, but the Pro version offers more improvements. They are as follows:


· One-click maintenance and automated PC cleaning

· Windows registry tools help to clean, backup, restore, defragment, and repair the Windows registry

· General system optimization features for more efficient use of memory

· Easily remove and find duplicate files to get back disk space, remove empty junk folders, and inadequate links

· Browsing tools that clear browsing history and cookies to speed up web browsing and secure data

· Anti-malware tools

· File System Repair Utilities

· File shredder and privacy tools are designed to erase traces of your activities

· File Encryption Tool

· Startup optimizer and background process killer

· System backup and restore utilities

· General Defragmentation and Bootable File Defragmenter

· Driver backup and restore tools

· File Restore Tools

Pricing & Value

CCleaner’s pricing models are as follows:

· CCleaner Free — $0

· CCleaner Professional — $19.95

· CCleaner Professional Plus — $29.95

Glary Utilities uses the following pricing model:

· Glary Utilities Free — $0

· Glary Utilities Pro — $19.97 per year


Glary Utilities are extensively affordable and offer a 30-day trial. The software also provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is worth going for this option. However, this option gives you the flexibility to test things out before making a purchase, but the free versions are small and only offer the most basic features.


While discussing Glary Utilities vs CCleaner we find both applications great. These applications are known for their reliable performance and awesome features.

Both apps are worth a try, so depending on your requirements, you can make the selection. For better understanding, you can try their free versions.

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