Software recommendation: graphic images with a key to add a watermark

In order to ensure that their copyright information is not infringed, many people will add watermark information when publishing articles or pictures, which usually needs to be done in an image editing software like Photoshop, except that the image software is more tedious to operate, we can completely change a simpler way to achieve.

Adding the desired type of watermark

The following method is to automatically add a watermark when taking a screenshot by using screenshot software after opening the relevant image. First, install and run ShareX (, which will display an icon in the system tray. Next, create a watermark message so that it can be added automatically when taking a screenshot. Right-click on the software icon and select the “Task Settings” command from the pop-up menu. In the pop-up settings dialog, select the “Effect” option under “Image” in the list on the left. Next, click the “Image Effect Configuration” button in the right window, so that we can start the watermark information configuration operation (Figure 1).


Usually there are two kinds of watermark information, namely text watermark and image watermark. Here we first click the “Add” button, and select “Text Watermark” and “Image Watermark” in the pop-up menu respectively from “Drawings”. “Image Watermark” command.

Set the detailed parameters of the watermark

We want to create a text watermark here, so select the “Text Watermark” option in the list, and then set the corresponding parameters in the right list. First, set the position of the watermark in the “Offset” option, and the bottom right corner of the image is the base point of the coordinates. In the “Text” option, enter the text required for the watermark, we set here is “computer enthusiast” (Figure 2).


Next, click the button after the “TextColor” option, and you can set the text color in the pop-up panel (Figure 3).


Click the button after the “TextShadowColor” option in a similar way, and you can set the color of the text shadow in the pop-up panel. Usually, when we add a watermark effect, the background is transparent. If you want to achieve such an effect, you only need to select the “False” option in the “Drawbackground” parameter list. If the user wants to keep the color of the watermark background, then click the button after the “BackgroundColor” option to set it.

Tip: If you want to add an image watermark, then select the “Image Watermark” option in the list and set the corresponding parameters.

Add watermark automatically after screenshot

After all the parameters are set, close the current setting window. Then right-click again in the system tray and select the “Add Image Effect/Watermark” command in the “After Screenshot” submenu in the pop-up menu. From now on, the software will automatically help you add a watermark when you take a screenshot with ShareX, thus reducing the need for tedious manual operations.

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