System hacks: Graphics card temperature in Windows 10 so see

After several updates, Win10 in the task manager has been able to display many and the system’s main hardware-related information, but in addition to the processor, there is a major heat generator in the computer – the temperature of the graphics card can not be seen directly for the time being, but this feature has actually been integrated within the system, only we need to use a specific command on can be.

Of course, the best and most accurate way to view the temperature is to install applications such as GPU-Z, AIDA64, but the problem is that it is the first huge, the second resource consumption is more, the third is the trouble to view, you need to find the relevant “sensor” items in multiple pages or tree list to view, not intuitive enough. Not to mention that applications such as AIDA64 itself is also paid software, for such a small use of demand, a little too uneconomical.


To directly view the graphics card temperature, you need to use the Nvidia graphics card computer and install the appropriate drivers. First, we click on the Start menu, then type “CMD”, match the command prompt and click Run.


At the command prompt, type “cd C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationNVSMI” and enter.


At this point, the full picture of the graphics card information will be displayed in character form, which is actually achieved by using a basic feature of the NVIDIA graphics driver.


In the character information we focus on the table section, which includes the graphics card temperature, load, power consumption, memory size, memory usage, and the subsequent characters show in detail the processes that use the graphics card resources.


This method is certainly detailed, but after all there are limitations, such as only for Nvidia graphics cards, and is a character interface, even if we create a *.bat file execution is not convenient enough. Is there a better way to implement it? Of course there is, and that is Wise System Monitor.

Wise System Monitor is a small, green and simple PC system process monitoring tool that can detect devices such as CPU, motherboard, memory, graphics card, hard disk, network card and sound card. Wise System Monitor also monitors and displays real-time temperatures of hardware devices such as CPU temperature, graphics card temperature, motherboard temperature and hard disk temperature.

Download and install Wise System Monitor (download address:, after installation, besides the main interface there is a bar-shaped monitoring information bar hover window, keep the hover window and click to close the main interface.


We only need to hover the mouse over the corresponding hover window, for example over the “RAM” section, to see the actual memory usage status, specific processes, and this memory usage status is also displayed in the form of a pie chart, which is very intuitive.


The CPU usage log allows you to see the usage of the main applications, which is similar to bringing the resource monitoring of the task manager directly to the desktop.


By hovering over the CPU temperature, you can see the specific operating temperatures of the main hardware devices on your computer, and at the bottom right you can see the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature switch, with the main area popping up containing the processor, motherboard, hard drive and even the graphics card temperatures we most want to see. In this way, you don’t need to install large tools and software to achieve this – Wise System Monitor installs in less than 6MB in total, which is really compact.



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