Grouping objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Grouping objects together creates one object. This might be the wayto go if you are moving objects or working with multiple objects on oneslide. Instead of formatting each object separately, you can group themand then apply formatting. In the instance or designing manuals, whenobjects relevant to each other are grouped together, they can be movedtogether from one position in the document to another without repeatingthe step for each part of the drawing. An example would be to grouplabels on a picture so that they stay intact when moving to anotherlocation in the presentation:

  1. Use the Selection pane, as per theprevious example, to select the objects on a slide. Alternatively,select the objects that you wish to combine into one object. To do this,click on the first object and hold down the Shift orCtrl key on the keyboard. Move your mouse pointer to the secondobject, making sure that the Shift key (or Ctrl key)is still depressed, and click on each object to add it to thegroup.
  2. To form a group, click on the DrawingTools Format tab and select the Group icon drop-down list.
  3. Alternatively, right-click the selected objects and choose the Group option.
  4. The object will become one movable object.
  1. To ungroup objects, simply navigate to the Group options and select Ungroup.

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