Grouping with PivotTables in Microsoft Excel 2019

In the previous section, we created a PivotTable. We will now look atanalyzing data even further by making changes so that the dates in ourPivotTable are grouped by quarter and are, therefore, easier to use:

  1. Open the SSGThemePark.xlsx workbook. We have alreadycreated a PivotTable in this workbook. The DATE of HIRE fieldwas added to the Row area but thereport looks very clumsy and hard to decipher. Let’s fix this bylearning how to use the group feature in PivotTables.
  2. In the PivotTable report, right-click on a date. Choose Group… from the shortcut listprovided:
ms office 340
  1. Click on the Quarters item toselect it, then click on Months toremove it:
ms office 539
  1. Click on OK at the bottom of thedialog box to apply the new grouping to the PivotTable:
ms office 273
  1. The report is updated and easier to read. To customize it further,you can add the Surname field to the rows so that you canexpand or collapse the quarters according to Salesperson andDate.

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