Software recommendations: hardware drivers and software upgrades early know

Are there any new drivers released for the devices in your computer, are there any new versions of the installed applications appearing, these are actually more hassle-free ways other than by manually checking the hardware and software upgrade options or going to the official website. Through the driver upgrade checker DUMo and software upgrade checker SUMo, check the system hardware device driver and software upgrade, so you can efficiently control the device driver or software upgrade.

1. Hardware devices Driver upgrade early knowledge

To know the upgradeable status of hardware device drivers, first run DUMo software, which will automatically scan all hardware devices (including virtual hardware devices, such as virtual printers, etc.) in the system for drivers, and automatically network to get the latest driver versions available for these devices, and then list them in the pane. In the Status column, an indication of a valid upgrade is given (Figure 1).


When you need to upgrade one (or some) of the device drivers, select these devices (Ctrl or Shift with mouse click for multiple selection) and click the “Download” button to upgrade these drivers at once (Figure 2).


Tip: You can export the driver list to a text file or spreadsheet by using the “Action→Export to” menu command. 2.

2. Know whether the software has been upgraded with one click

To find out the upgrade status of all the applications installed on your computer, first run the SUMo software, which will first pop up a wizard suggesting “Automatically check installed software”, click this button to check automatically (Figure 3).


After checking the installed software, the “Check for installed software updates” button takes effect. Click this button to check the status of all upgradeable software online (Figure 4).


In the software upgrade window, click on the software that needs to be upgraded (you can select more than one), and then click on the “Get Update” button to complete the upgrade of the selected software at once (Figure 5).


Tip: If you want to check the software including the beta version, check the “Settings → Allow beta” option. If you want to check with Microsoft software products, check “Check for Microsoft product updates”.

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