6 Ways to Convert HEIC to PDF: Merge HEIC to 1 PDF with Small Size Allowed

You can’t afford to be left behind as users shift their operations to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The majority of users convert HEIC files to PDF since PDF files are easy to access and the supporting programs are freely available. Aside from that, the PDF format has the added advantage of merging several high-quality HEIC images into one small file size. This is perfect for saving storage space, especially if you just have a limited storage capacity.

On the other hand, HEIC offers better image compression while still preserving the original image quality but requires special applications. The HEIC format is not widely compatible with common applications or devices. While developers are increasingly embracing HEIC, it is still not as widely accepted and used as the tested standard, PDF.

If you have had your better share of combing through several web pages trying to find the best solutions to Convert HEIC to PDF, then this is the perfect article for you. This post shows you how to convert or merge HEIC to PDF having in mind small size considerations. We have covered a number of ways you can use for fast, secure, and quality file merging for your images.

1.      CloudConvert

One of the best and easiest ways to convert and merge HEIC files to one PDF is using CloudConvert. Priding itself in being a tech stack tool, CloudConvert can convert any file format into any file format you might think of. It supports almost all video, eBook, document, audio, archive, image, presentation, and spreadsheet formats. The tool is also free to use.

Aside from merging several HEIC files to 1 PDF in just a few clicks, CloudConvert can also resize, rotate, and set the density of your file before converting. Furthermore, CloudConvert allows you to use different file compression options so that you can keep your PDF file small. You can also cancel the conversion process at any time if need be and you can upload files from your computer, google, Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, and URL.

Steps to convert and merge HECI to PDF using Cloudconvert

  • Go to your favorite browser and visit its Cloudconvert official page
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-1
  • Click “Select Files” to upload the images you want to convert and merge or drag and drop
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-2
  • Under “select format”, choose “PDF”. If you want to upload several images, you can also choose to combine all HEIC images into one PDF file or pack them into a zip file
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-3
  • Click the “Start Conversion” button
  • Hit the “Download” button to get the file
  • 2. Zamzar Online File Converter

    Next in our list of ways to convert HEIC to PDF is Zamzar. This online conversion tool is free, highly professional and it has an impressively simple and friendly interface. It also supports more than 1100 different file formats and it has the advantage of the ability to convert two files at the same time.

    In addition to allowing users to combine HEIC files into 1 PDF, the Zamzar also allows users to compress the PDF file to a smaller size for storage efficiency. The software is also easy to use with the whole conversion process involving only 3 button clicks!

    Use the following steps to convert HEIC to PDF using Zamzar:

  • Navigate to the main site of Zamzar conversion tool on your browser
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-4
  • Select the option of ‘add files’ and then drag and drop HEIC files
  • Select PDF as the main output format and hit the Convert Now button. If you wish to have the converted and merged PDF file, check Email when done and leave your email address. The tool will send the result to your email after conversion.
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-5
  • Click the Download button to download the PDF file
  • 3. Pixillion Image Converter

    Pixillion another great tool for converting HEIC to PDF. The converter is easy to use and it has outstanding advanced customization settings, speed, compatibility, and user-friendliness. Aside from converting HEIC, the tool can more than 50 image types to more than 20 common image formats. If you want to watermark or add captions to HEIC images before converting to PDF files, then Paxillion is ideal for you.

    Primarily built for bulk image conversions, Pixillion allows users to merge all the images into 1 PDF file. On top of that, it offers the users options of compressing the file into small sizes.  The tool is also lightweight and very effective at handling bulk conversions.

    Use the following steps to Convert and Merge HEIC to PDF using Pixillion:

  • Download the latest version of the Pixillion software, install and launch
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-6
  • Import all the HEIC images into the Pixillion using either of the following ways:
    • Clicking on the Add File(s) button selecting the PDF files on your computer and clicking the Open button to bring the files into Pixillion.
    • Drag and drop your PDF files directly into the Pixillion
  • Select PDF output and choose your output folder. If you want your PDF to be small in size, click the click on Encoder Settings to choose your image quality preference
  • Select all your HEIC images and click the Combine button
  • If you want your HEIC images to appear in a certain order in the PDF file, change the order and then hit the combine button.
  • 4.      Online2pdf

    Online2pdf is a little more robust, free, and simple to use HEIC converter. It supports both single-file conversions and batch conversions using an intuitive interface that is straightforward to use.

    One of the best features of the Online2pdf conversion tool is the ability to change the quality of the output. If you’re not interested in duplicating the quality of the original HEIC file, you can simply reduce the output quality prior to the conversion stage. That will help you save some storage space on your device, and is very useful if you have multiple images to convert. The tool also allows users to merge HEIC files into 1 pdf.

    The steps described below show you how to convert one or more HEIC files into 1 PDF using Online2pdf:

  • Navigate to Online2pdf official site
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-8
  • Choose the HEIC files that you want to convert from your PC, Dropbox corner or Google Drive
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-9
  • From the 200 file formats, select PDF format
  • Click on the “OK” button to convert the HEIC images. Once the conversion is complete, you can either download the file or also send it to your email address
  • 5. TunesBro HEIC Converter utility

    The TunesBro HEIC converter is primarily built to convert bulk HEIC images. Not only can it convert HEIC files, but it also adds presets to the process, allowing you to merge, compress, and even edit. The tool also has an intuitive, nice, and friendly interface that first-time users will like and find straightforward to use.

    The tool also supports both Support latest Windows 10 and macOS and it can support batch conversion of up to 500+ photos at once. Additionally, TunesBro can also convert HEIC to other file formats without losing quality.

    Use the following steps to convert HEIC to 1 PDF using TunesBro:

  • Download and install TunesBro from the official site using your browser
  • Choose Conversation Mode (Single or Batch)
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-11
  • Import HEIC images and Adjust Output Quality to your preference
  • Choose an output folder and click the Convert button to start Converting HEIC to JPG
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-12
  • Open the selected output folder to view your PDF file
  • 6.      PDFelement 

    Another great way to convert HEIC to one PDF file using the PDFelement. This conversion tool hosts several conversion features that are useful for sharing, compressing, and storing PDF files. The tool also enables users to edit images and add watermarks. Aside from that, the tool features conversion of more than 300 formats into PDF which can be done with simple steps.

    PDFelement also features bulk conversion and file size optimization which allows the user to choose the output quality of their desire. The tool is outstanding because it has several basic and advanced features that you will ever need for file conversion.  It also supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

    To convert HEIC to 1 PDF using TunesBro, Use the following steps:

  • Download PDFelement for your respective OS and install
  • launch the program and go to File→ Create → PDF from File
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-13
  • Select your HEIC images
  • Convert and save the Created PDF
  • convert-heic-to-pdf-14




    There are a number of tools that you can use to convert HEIC images to 1 PDF file. These tools can be Online or offline and they can also either be free or paid. Since it is important to save storage space, you should consider utilizing the tools discussed in this article.  They are not only convenient for saving storage resources but also maintaining the quality of the files after compressing them into small sizes. Aside from that, they are secure, easy to use, and fast.

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