System hacks: Hide drive numbers to keep data safe

For some drives with important data or encrypted files, sometimes we may encounter the situation that the system prompts us that the format is not correct and needs to be formatted. At this time, if you mistakenly think that the format is wrong and accidentally perform the formatting operation, then the important data or encrypted data will be lost. How can we better protect such drives? We can use an alternative method – delete the drive number to hide the drive for the purpose of preventing misuse.

1. Hide directly with Disk Manager

To avoid inadvertent formatting of the encrypted drive due to misuse, we can use the following method.

Right-click the Start button and select Disk Management to launch to the Disk Management window. In the Disk Management window, right-click on the drive you want to protect and then click on “Change drive number and path” (Figure 1).


After that, in the pop-up window, click the “Delete” button and then click “OK” (Figure 2). This way, the next time you open File Explorer, you will no longer see the drive letter. Note that deleting a drive letter does not delete any files or data stored in the drive.


Tip: The above method is not limited to the protection of encrypted drives, but is also applicable to the protection of important data drives that are not encrypted. Even if there is no hint of incorrect formatting or a message asking for formatting, we can also use this method to hide any drive number. In this way, their presence is not felt by outside users, and therefore the possibility of data deletion by mistake can be avoided.

When you need to use the drive yourself, simply use the same method to assign a drive number to the drive.

2. Solve with commands in the command prompt window

We can also use commands to hide a drive. First, execute the DISKPART command in the administrator’s command prompt window, then execute the LIST VOLUME command to list all the drives; then, execute the “SELECT VOLUME <drive number>” command to select a drive, and then use the “REMOVE LETTER=<desired drive number>” command. REMOVE LETTER=<drive number you want to remove>” command to remove the drive number (Figure 3); finally, execute the “SET ID=12” command to hide the drive, and execute the Exit command to exit.


Tip: The 12 in the “SETID=12” command indicates that the drive type is set to hidden. If you want to change to display, then change 12 to 07 can be.


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