Hiding and showing rows and columns in Microsoft Excel 2019

You have the option to hide columns and rows should you wish to printyour worksheet without them showing, or if another person needs to viewthe workbook and you do not want them to see a particular column ofdata. To select a column or row, simply click on the column letter orrow number. To select multiple columns and rows, hold down the mouse andkeep it depressed until all the columns or rows have beenhighlighted.

  1. For this example, we will openthe SafestSolutions-Law.xlsx workbook. 
  2. Select the column to hide by clicking on the column header. To dothis, place the mouse pointer over the column letter, and click toselect it.
  3. Locate the Cells group on theHome tab.
  4. Click on the Format drop-down listand locate the Visibilityheading.
  5. Click on Hide & Unhide andchoose Hide Columns from the shortcutmenu provided.
  1. The column is now hidden from view. Notice that the image hasshifted to the next column and is not hidden with the column. This isbecause it is an object that hovers over the column, and not actuallypart of the column contents. There is also a double line separatingcolumns D and F—this indicates that a column ishidden. When placing the mouse pointer over the double line betweencolumns D and F, the mouse pointer changes to double-linedarrows—double-click to show the hidden column, or drag with the mousepointer to the right to display column E, as demonstrated in the followingscreenshot:
ms office 451
  1. Sometimes, it may be difficult to grab hold of the hidden column’sdouble arrow to show it again. If this happens, select the column beforeand the column after, and then right-click and choose Unhide from the shortcut menu provided.
Right-click on a column or row to access the Hide option if you prefer a shortcut.

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