Software recommendation: Hosts file editing switch not tired

The Hosts file is hidden deep in the path of Windows and has hidden properties, so it is not easy to locate, view and edit. However, such a “mysterious” thing can play an important role such as blocking malicious websites, blocking ads, logging login information and so on. Therefore, we sometimes need to use it. Although the task can be accomplished by manually editing Hosts with Notepad, when it comes to disabling or enabling multiple contents at the same time, it is much less complicated to do so with the help of a SwitchHosts!


First, we have to run the software in administrator privilege mode, otherwise it will generate an error message (Figure 1).

Edit the Hosts file with the SwitchHosts! editor

SwitchHosts! software comes with a Hosts editor. After starting the software, the “System Hosts” content window opens, introducing the Hosts content format (Figure 2). In the left column of the window, you can see three items including System Hosts, My hosts and Backup.


To add a new Hosts item, click the + button in the lower left corner, and in the “Add Hosts Rule” pop-up window, you can choose to add one of three schemes: local, remote or combined. To add a local scheme, name the Hosts scheme first (Figure 3).


To add a remote solution, first name the Hosts solution, then specify the URL URL to be added, and choose whether to automatically perform the update (Figure 4).


And the combined Hosts is a new scheme made of existing multiple Hosts files combined by selection, select from the left column and merge and add to the right column, and finally name the Hosts scheme, OK (Figure 5).


2. Quickly switch within or between Hosts files

To quickly locate an address within a Hosts file, simply click the magnifying glass button in the lower left corner of the window, enter the URL keyword, and the software will automatically locate the eligible entry and then display the found address in a yellow highlighted color (Figure 6).


For choices involving disabling or not disabling, we can save as two or more options. To switch between the different Hosts files defined, click on the button next to the magnifying glass at the bottom of the left window.

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