System hacks: hot key value write error for which

In the Windows 10 registry, there is a WiFiToWlan key that allows replacing the “Wi-Fi” heading in the network list with “WLAN”. However, when you enter the registry to modify the numerical data of this key, the system prompts an unwritten error (Figure 1). So, why does this phenomenon occur when the system is logged in with an administrator account and the registry can be called normally? And how to lift the restriction?


1. Obtain registry control rights

The above problem occurs because the currently logged on user of Windows has not gained full control over the registry entry. To do so, you need to get that control permission first.

Open the Registry Editor and locate the above WiFiToWlan key value in the branch “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionControl PanelSettings Network”, right-click the Network branch, select the “Permissions” item in the menu, and enter the Permissions Settings window (Figure 2).


2. Modify the registry permission settings

In the Registry Permissions window, select the Administrators group account permissions as “Full Control” and then click the “Advanced” button (Figure 3).


In the Advanced Security Settings window, click on the “Change” link after the owner TrustedInstaller to enter the user and group selection window. Enter the current Windows login user name in the “Enter a name to select” box, then click “Check name” and the name will be underlined to indicate that the current user is valid. If an invalid message appears after entering the user name, you can replace it with the name Everyone, so that all users will have control rights (Figure 4). Click “OK” to return to the Advanced Security Settings window, where you can now see that the owner has changed to the user name you just added. After confirming this, go back to the Permissions window and make sure that the Administrators’ Full Control permission is checked.


3. Modify the registry entries smoothly

Finally, in the Network entry window of the registry, double-click the WiFiToWlan value name, then change its value data and click OK. At this point, you will find that the error message no longer appears (Figure 5).


Tip: If a similar error occurs when deleting a key or modifying another key, the solution is similar to the above.

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