Software recommendation: hotkeys to a number of goals flexible call

The common keyboard hotkeys can only invoke one target task in a set. If you need to give a set of hotkeys several different tasks, press the hotkey and let the user choose the specific task to be performed, you can do it by Faster Files, a special hotkey creation tool.

After running the Faster Files software, you will enter the wizard page and press the New HotKey button to create a new set of hotkeys. If you want the created hotkeys to function directly after system startup, you need to press Auto Start Setting button, select Normal Auto Start or Auto Start as Tray Icon option, and click Save button to save (Figure 1). In this way, the software will run automatically with the system startup and will be shrunk in the system tray as an icon to standby. When you need to enter the software window, right-click the icon and select the Open command.


When creating a hotkey, first name the hotkey in the Name column, then select the hotkey combination in the Keyboard Shortcut list, and then select the corresponding action type under Options. There are three types of action types available: selecting multiple actions in a dialog box, organizing multiple actions in subfolders, and corresponding to only one action (Figure 2).


After clicking Save to save the hotkey name, click the New Action List button to name the new action (Figure 3).


After adding the new action name, click the Add Action button to add the action. In the New Action pop-up window, select the action type via the Action drop-down list, e.g. Open File or Folder for opening a file or folder. Then, under the What should be opened selection list, select the type of target to be opened (Figure 4). Note that the Active checkbox must be checked at the end to activate the action.


This completes the addition of one action for the hotkey. If you want to add another action, go ahead and create a new name in the New Action List and give the new action content in Action. And so on, adding more action tasks.



There are nearly 20 Action types available, including actions for basic file or folder operations, such as open, copy, move, rename, delete, print; new folder, new text file; you can also copy files or folders to the clipboard or call them from the clipboard, etc. In addition, you can also specify websites to open, download files, execute programs, etc.

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