How dare you spy on my browser?

When it comes to rogue software, your mind will surely recall those years when you were dominated by XX Assistant, XX21, etc. Well, they seem to have stopped after a few years of being verbally abused. Don’t be careless, it’s just that some rogues have changed their forms. This is not, a small friend on Sina Weibo found that Ali has been spying on him online for a long time, today we will talk about the new form of “rogue” it!


The reason for this is that the recently upgraded Chrome has added a feature that shows whether the browser is managed by others in Chrome’s settings. This guy suddenly realized, “What, someone else is managing his browser? This means that someone can now know what you are looking at on the Internet at any time and can change your browser settings. Who is it? When he looked at it with chrome://policy/, he found out that it was Ali Want Want.



After this incident came to light, many people also checked their Chrome browser and found that quite a few were managed by Ali Want Want, and some were managed by QQ and other programs, but there were also many people using the same software but not “hit”, from the current situation, this phenomenon may be related to the version of Ali Want Want, QQ, Chrome, as well as the user allows some kind of service application for these software.


Whatever the reason for it, directly hosting the browser must have left a big backdoor, which cannot be tolerated. The software can be uninstalled first, then delete the EnabledPlugins folder in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesGoogleChrome in the registry, and then restart chrome. chrome’s hosting status generally disappears.


In addition to Chorme, some browsers that also use Chromium open source core, such as the new version of Edge, QQ browser, etc. may also have this problem, you can also use chrome://policy/明镜 to check whether it is hosted, and through a similar method to deal with it. In the future, when using software, you should also pay attention to the application permissions, do not look at the application without looking at the consent, the system back door must be well guarded.


I also have to prompt you here, some of the more stringent management of the network units, may require the management of the browser, we must look at the hosting party before processing, if it is their own units do not start, be careful to delete the unit of hosting settings, the network management Goge to recruit Oh.


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