How strong is the mainstream 12 generation Core gaming ability ranking

February is coming to an end, I and many partners, for January, February market one thing is really not expected, is that all the models of the 12 generation Core to a pretty amazing speed debut, even a long time not upgraded Core i3 and low-power versions are a brain on the market, perhaps in these two days, even the special version of the high-frequency flagship i9-12900KS are to come. Of course, most of the partners are still concerned about these fast debut of the mainstream 12 generation Core.


For the 12th generation Core, a concept of many partners is really strong, hybrid architecture of multi-threaded performance eye-catching, in fact, only look at the performance core (large core), performance is also bar, especially in the pursuit of single-core efficiency of the game, that is really plus pressure group, and even the legendary new listing of these mainstream models can cover the previous flagship CPU, things are really so exaggerated? Let’s have a good comparison.


Here we chose the 3DMark software commonly used for processor gaming capability testing, which is based on a typical gaming engine and can more accurately reflect the actual gaming capability of the platform. In order to try to avoid bottlenecks in the graphics card’s ability to affect the processor’s performance, the FireStrike test project with relatively simple image effects was chosen here, and with a flagship graphics card that can easily cope with the demand for 3D effects, making the frame rate high and low, the actual score can fully reflect the processor’s level.


In the game testing program, we chose the more CPU-oriented “physical score”, which is more suitable for comparing CPU differences than the graphics card score and the total score weighted with the graphics card’s score. In addition, we also selected the mainstream 12th generation Core CPU rivals, as well as the powerful 11th generation Core models to do a comparison.


The mainstream 12th generation Core is indeed very “able to fight”, where the relative section of the i5-12600K/i7-12700 really hanged the previous generation flagship. You say these two are too expensive? The i5-12400 and even the i3-12100F, which are more mainstream in price, can easily outperform the i5-11600K, a popular mid-range gaming CPU. as for the comparison with Raron, although not significantly beyond, but also did the same class, the same price point, finally turned around.


This also shows another thing, that is, entry-level players are really blessed, 12 generation Core i3 gaming ability is really strong, 4 cores and 8 threads can also meet the needs of mainstream games, the more tight funds players may wish to consider. Just …… want to play the latest super NPC interactive games, such as “Cyberpunk 2077” such, or have to be on more core CPU to do, the good thing is that such as “old man ring” such interactive threads are not so many new games are also a lot, as long as the graphics card As long as the graphics card is strong enough, 12 generation i3 to cope with no problem.


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