Office hacks: How to add Logos for Word, Excel and PPT documents?

The documents often used in the company are Word, Excel and PPT documents. Adding company logos or product logos to the documents used by companies on a daily basis is a good way to promote the company, in addition to being a copyrighted logo. So, how to add logos in these three commonly used documents?

Tip: The operations in this article are demonstrated in Office 2019 to achieve.

1. in Word documents to add a logo

In the Word document to add a logo, you can add a header or footer to achieve the way. Open Word document, switch to the “Insert” tab, click “Header”, select the required style, in the “Header and footer” of the ” Design Tools” tab, click “Image”, insert the required Logo image, adjust the size, set its layout, and then enter the company’s name and other information on it (Figure 1).



After opening a Word document, you can also double-click at the top of the document, thus entering the editing mode of the header. If you want to put the Logo in the footer, the method is similar, here is not repeated.

2. In the Excel document to add a logo

In the Excel document to add a logo, you can use the “page settings” to achieve. Open Excel document, click “File → Print” menu, and then click “Page Layout”; in the pop-up window, switch to the “Header / Footer” tab, click In the pop-up window, switch to the “Header/Footer” tab, click “Customize Header”; in the new window that pops up, position the cursor in the left, middle or right part as needed, click “Insert Image”, insert the required image, enter the required text, and use the tool buttons in this window to make the required settings for the inserted image, text, etc. Then switch to the “Margins” tab to determine the top and bottom position of the Logo by adjusting the upper and lower margins and the header (Figure 2).



The above operation can also be switched to the “Page Layout” tab, in the “Page Setup” area, click “Margins → Custom Margins” or ” Paper Size → Other Paper Size” or “Print Header” and so on, switch to the “Header / Footer” tab in the pop-up window for operation. Insert the Logo into the footer in a similar way. 3.

3. in the PPT document to add a logo

To add a logo in a PPT document, you can use the master version of the slide to do so. Open the PPT document, switch to the “View” tab, click “Slide Master”, insert the desired logo image and text in the appropriate location on the page, set their style. After closing the master, the logo image and text will be displayed in each slide in accordance with the position set in the master (Figure 3).


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