How to avoid wasting 5G data traffic

I believe all the elders in your family have upgraded to smartphones, right? In the process of using it, have you ever encountered the problem of data traffic exceeding the standard, resulting in a sharp increase in the monthly tariff? If you have encountered, you may wish to avoid it by the following methods.

Turn off the smart switch network function

Enter “Settings → WLAN”, we can usually find an option called “Smart switch mobile data” (Figure 1), its role is to automatically switch to 4G/5G data traffic when the Wi-Fi signal is poor. Many elders’ phones are obviously connected to the home Wi-Fi and not used outdoors, but they still consume data traffic, in most cases due to this feature being turned on.


In addition, the “dual-channel network acceleration” feature in Figure 1 can also cause these problems, so we can either turn it off or go to its detailed settings screen and selectively turn off applications (such as games) that may require both Wi-Fi and data traffic to speed up or reduce latency.


Manually manage data traffic permissions

Traffic management should be one of the oldest features of Android phones, which is gradually forgotten with the increase of data traffic packages. If you don’t have a 10GB data traffic package for your elders, we suggest you to find the entrance of traffic management function in “Settings→Mobile Network” or “Mobile Manager”, and disable the permission to use data traffic for video and other extremely traffic-consuming applications.




Reduce consumption under data traffic

In real life, there are many other applications that are (depending on the intensity of use) more traffic-consuming, but whose use of data traffic cannot be completely prohibited. WeChat, for example, is bound to use data traffic when we present Healthpak and shop and pay. At this time, we need to enter the settings interface of such software, and find various settings related to saving traffic, such as WeChat “Me → Settings → General”, change the “Automatically download WeChat installation package” to “Wi-fi network only”, and turn off the automatic download. Fi network” to turn off automatic downloading and automatic video playback in mobile network. Other applications have similar ideas, such as video playback only using Wi-Fi network, information only Wi-Fi network to load clear and large images, etc.


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