Office hacks: How to make a circular percentage chart

We often see circular charts on the TV news about percentage completion rates. Don’t think that such a circular chart is done with a pie chart. In fact, it is better to create such an effect by using bar charts and circular graphs (Figure 1).


First, select the data to insert a cluster bar chart; select the inserted chart, click “Switch Row/Column” in the “Design” tab, so that the two data form two series; delete the unwanted elements of the chart, such as legend, grid lines, horizontal axes, etc.; select the vertical axis of the chart, right-click, select “Set Axis Format”, in the right window of the “Axis Options” tab, set the maximum value of the axis to 1, the minimum value of 0; select any series of the chart, set the “Series Overlap” value of “Series Options” to 100%, and “Gap Width” set to 0 (Figure 2).


Next, select any blank cell, click “Insert→Shape→Ellipse”, hold down the Shift key to draw a square circle, select the circle, switch to the Format tab, set the style of the circle by “Shape Fill”, “Shape Contour” to set the style of the circle; select the drawn circle, hold down the Ctrl key and drag, and then copy a circle, set the size of the new circle and contour lines; the two circles are selected, the use of alignment tools centered alignment and combination. Copy the combined figure, select the “Plan” series in the chart, and paste it. Select the middle circle of the combined circle again and set its fill color to another color; select the combined figure again, copy it, select the “Actual” series in the chart, and paste it. Right-click on the data series in the chart, select “Set data series format”, select “Cascade and Scale” in the right window under “Fill”, and “Units/Picture” at Units/Picture” is set to “1” (Figure 3).


At this time if we resize the chart, the circle will be distorted, so what to do? At this point, you can add a series inside the chart, change the new series to “Pie Chart”, and then set the pie chart without padding or lines. The pie chart will force the graph to display as a square, so no matter how big or small you pull, it will be a square circle. Right-click the chart, select “Select Data”, click “Add”, and enter “Pie Chart” in the pop-up window at “Series Name”. “, enter “={1}” at the series value; after adding the series, right-click the chart, select “Change Chart Type”, and change the added chart type to “Pie Chart “, so that no matter how to change the size of the entire chart, the chart is a positive circle display (Figure 4).


Finally, just delete the vertical axis, add good numeric labels and titles as needed, and set the desired format.

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