How to make GIFs with quality and quantity

Nowadays, many smartphones have integrated the function of shooting GIF motion pictures within the camera app, and phones without similar functions can also be realized with the help of third-party app. However, many GIF shooting software, either clear image quality but large size, or small size but blurred image quality, if you have the need to upload GIF pictures in WeChat public will be very troublesome (can not be larger than 2MB).


I recommend a free and easy to use GIF shooting software – “GIF Me!” (all major application stores can be downloaded), this APP can shoot 15 frames of motion pictures, the resolution of 480 × 480 pixels, the picture quality is very This app can take 15 frames of motion pictures with a resolution of 480×480 pixels, and the picture quality is very clear and the size of the photo can be controlled to less than 1.5MB (the more vivid the color, the larger the volume).

02wj ydccs gif 01(此图可不上)

Click “Camera” in the main interface to enter the shooting interface, click the upper right corner of the shooting interface to start the flash, and click the start button at the bottom to shoot.

02wj ydccs gif 02

When you are satisfied, click the download icon in the upper right corner and click “Saveinto Album” in the new window to save the photo in the “Pictures/GifMe” folder in the root directory of your phone.

02wj ydccs gif 03

02wj ydccs gif 04

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