How to prevent the app from being deleted by mistake

In the process of using cell phones, the most embarrassing thing is to accidentally long press an icon on the desktop and mistakenly select it to uninstall. WeChat is the representative of APP, once the chat history will be deleted by mistake, it will be very troublesome if it is not backed up in advance. So, what are the ways to prevent APP from being deleted by mistake?

APP accidentally deleted most often appear in the family of the elderly and children, and we will also occasionally misuse the phenomenon when we are not concentrated – originally intended to move an APP icon to the desktop but wrongly selected to uninstall. To avoid such “tragedies”, we can set up two ideas.

Lock the desktop layout

Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi cell phone brands, hands pinch the screen to see the “desktop settings” option (Figure 1), tap into a function called “lock the layout” (Figure 2).



Once you turn it on, the location of the App icon on your desktop will be locked, and you will not be allowed to move the location, so naturally you cannot uninstall it by long pressing the icon (Figure 3).


If you want to uninstall the app, we can temporarily cancel the “lock layout” function, or directly go to “Settings→Application→Application Management”, and uninstall the app in the application list without the “lock layout You can uninstall the app in the app list without the restriction of “locking layout”.

Lock the program

OPPO as the representative of the cell phone brands, in the desktop settings does not provide similar “lock layout” function. At this time, we can use a similar “application lock” function curve to achieve the function of APP was deleted by mistake.


Take OPPO phone as an example, you can see the option of “Application Encryption” in “Settings→Security” (Figure 4), you need to set the privacy password for the first time (you can associate it with fingerprint, but it is not recommended to associate it with facial recognition to prevent unlocking it with a glance), then add the APPs that involve privacy and worry about losing important data by mistake to the list of application encryption (Figure 5), in the future, when you accidentally long press these APPs and choose to delete them, a message of uninstallable will pop up.




Tip: In addition to these two options, we can also install a third-party desktop to achieve the “lock layout” function. In addition, there are many cell phone system built-in “child mode” or “guest function”, worried about the program by the “bear children” accidentally deleted when the phone can be set in these modes before handing over to The phone can be set in these modes before handing it over to them for use.

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