Mobile Crosstalk: How to use your phone healthily with Huawei/Glory system

Now Huawei / Honor is gradually open the pace of new and old phones to upgrade EMUI9 system, the new version of the system adds a very practical screen time management assistant – healthy use of cell phones, this feature is suitable for children at home or always can not control their own habits of “obsessive-compulsive This feature is suitable for children at home or “obsessive-compulsive” users who can’t control their habits.

The “Healthy phone use” is located in the list of settings, and it provides two scenarios: “This is my phone” and “This is my child’s phone” (Figure 1). The former control is relatively easy, mainly to guide and remind; the latter control is relatively strict, controlling the length of cell phone use, which can guard the healthy growth of children.

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Here, we can see the app usage time and ranking statistics today or in the past seven days. Did you not expect that you have been playing with WeChat for so long (Figure 2)?

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If you have recognized that an application is taking up too much of your time, or if you do not want your child to run certain applications for long periods of time, you can limit the maximum duration of use for a given application in the “Application Limits” and “Available Time” sections of “Screen Time Management” (Figure 3).

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If you often miss your bedtime because of playing with your phone, you can turn on the “Screen Time Management→Sleep Time” option to turn the screen gray during specified time periods and disable the launch of specified applications (Figure 4) to give yourself a wake-up call at any time.

10wjccs jk 04

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