How To

  • Manipulating the calendar pane in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Just like any other view in Outlook, we can manipulate the calendar’selements, such as the font settings and the color, as well as arrangethe way the calendar entries are displayed. Let’s investigate theseoptions in the following sections.

  • Arranging the calendar view in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    The default calendar view in Outlook is set to Month. When you open the calendarfrom the bottom of the Navigation Pane, you will notice that the View tab is available for the calendararrangement. Click on Day, Work Week, Week, Month, or Schedule View to display the calendarin your preferred format: Schedule View displays the calendarhorizontally. You can use … Read more

  • Changing the calendar color in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the Navigation Pane toaccess the calendar. From the Color group under theView tab, select the Color icon. A drop-down list of colors willappear. Select a color to apply to your calendar: The calendar will update to the chosen color. The color of thecalendar can also be set … Read more

  • Changing the calendar’s font settings in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    To change the calendar’s font settings, as well as other Day, Week,and Month view settings, click on theView Settings icon when viewing thecalendar. Choose Other Settings…from the Advanced View Settings:Calendar dialog box that appears on your screen. From the Format Calendar dialog box, choose Font… to apply changes to the font andsize attributes. You can also set Timescale: for … Read more

  • Displaying or hiding calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2019

    It is extremely useful to be able to hide or show calendars whenworking with others from the same or external organizations. If you haveaccess to someone’s calendar, you can show or hide it in your calendarview: At the bottom of the calendar folder pane, you will see a number ofdifferent calendar headings. The first is … Read more