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  • How to Move Minecraft to Another Hard Drive

    Moving your games from the current drive to another can be a hard task to accomplish. And there are many reasons for it. According to different users, whenever they try to move a single file, they had to face various issues such as loss of data and incomplete files. So, how to move Minecraft to … Read more

  • How to Transfer Steam Games to Another Computer without Downloading

    As a Steam game player, quite a few Steam games are inside my computer. However, I bought a new computer for better gaming performance and it makes me crazy to re-install so many games on the new computer, some of them with dozens of GBs size. So I did some research, plus my test. I … Read more

  • 3 Methods to Transfer Files from Windows XP to Windows 10

    For Windows users, it’s not easy to transfer the files because there is no built-in-feature available that can help to transfer files from Windows XP to Windows 10. Furthermore, the most important thing is that Window 10 also doesn’t include “Easy Transfer” feature that can help to transfer data from old Windows to a new … Read more