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  • Old graphics card “hang on” RX 5000 enabled SAM performance how

    AMD’s SAM (Smart Access Memory) technology for the RX 6000 series of graphics cards has been introduced before, and has been expanded from only supporting the Riptide 5000+ RX 6000 at launch to the Riptide 3000, and recently opened up to the RX 5000 graphics cards. As an A card before the “graphics crisis”, there … Read more

  • Office hacks: using Word to quickly achieve tri-fold leaflets

    The folding leaflet has many applications in daily life, such as product promotional materials, takeaway leaflets, restaurant menus and so on. In fact, we do not need professional typesetting software, only the use of Word can easily complete the production. Let us try the production of tri-fold flyers in Word. First of all, we have … Read more

  • Win11 will soon be able to upgrade to this measurement

    October 5 Win11 will be officially launched, many partners have been the beauty of the new interface, the new architecture of efficient attraction, ready to try a fresh. But …… your computer to meet the upgrade conditions? Before we mentioned that the compatibility checker tool can help us check, but at that time its function … Read more

  • Office hacks: Do-it-yourself business strategy PPT templates

    In the daily investment or promotion activities, we often have to make some PPT to show the main content of the activity. Here we will introduce you some business strategy PPT production methods and include the production of the featured cover and table of contents to build a whole set of PPTs that can be … Read more

  • Why software pile up to C disk before installing a new system to figure out

    Win11 is coming soon, and it is definitely most convenient to upgrade directly, but I believe there are many partners who will still choose a fresh installation for more simplicity and peace of mind. When installing systems and software, I don’t know if you have noticed a problem, their default installation path is always the … Read more