Icon sets, data bars, and color scales in Microsoft Excel 2019

Icon sets, data bars, and color scales were first introduced in Excel2007 and are now even more enhanced with a wider range of icon sets tochoose from, to enhance data by adding a visual effect. You can mix andmatch icon sets, and choose to show only for high and low values in therange.

The following example shows the arrow icon set applied to a cellrange. If we edit the rule applied by default to this arrow set, we willnotice that it has applied its own conditions to the data. The greenarrow reflects any value greater than or equal to 67%; the yellow arrowreflects less than 67% and greater than or equal to 33%; and, lastly,the red arrow reflects less than 33%, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:

ms office 147

The following table shows an example of all types of icons andbars—namely, icon sets, data bars, and color scales. Application andediting of rules is exactly the same procedure in each of these sets ofvisual effects, which can be seen in the following screenshot:

ms office 554
  1. Open the SSGStudentMarks.xlsx workbook.
  2. Select the range B8:B14.
  3. From the ConditionalFormatting drop-down list, select IconSets
  4. On the sub-menu, click to choose the 3-arrow icon set.
  5. Click on OK to apply the arrows tothe selected range.
  6. To edit the icon sets, return to ManageRules…, and then select EditRule to experiment with the options available.
  1. To remove a rule, click on ClearRules from the ConditionalFormatting drop-down list.
  2. Select to remove rules either from selected worksheet cells or fromthe entire sheet.

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