Ignoring a conversation in Microsoft Outlook 2019

The Ignore feature is available toremove unwanted conversations in your inbox. Please note that an ignoredconversation will land up in the DeletedItems folder, and if you delete it from that location, you willnot be able to recover it. Be careful to select the correct message youselect prior to clicking on the Ignorefeature:

  1. Click on the message header (but do not open the message). Click onthe Home tab, then choose the Ignore option from the Delete group, as illustrated in thefollowing screenshot:
ms office 388
  1. A dialog box will open on screen with the following warning:
ms office 574
  1. Click on Ignore Conversation toconfirm. This feature is also available in an open email but is locatedon the Message group.
  2. If you decide to stop ignoring a conversation, do thefollowing: Locate the email in the DeletedItems folder, then double-click to open the email. Click on theIgnore icon on the Message tab, after which a dialog box willopen on the screen. Click on Stop IgnoringConversation, as illustrated in the following screenshot:
ms office 175
  1. The email will return to the Inbox.

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