Ways to convert Image to Black and White Online or Offline Free

The article’s overview discusses Black and white Images, why people convert Images to Black and White, converting Images to Black and white using Preview (Mac), and the processes involved in utilizing Preview (Mac). Converting Image to Black and white using Batch Convert and the steps involved, converting Image to Black and white using Photoshop (Mac and Windows) and the steps involved, and converting Image to Black and white using onlinefree

(Lunapic Image and Onlinejpgtools),, Paint, Microsoft Publisher, and Snapspeed.

What is a Black and White Image?

Black and white Image, are monochrome photographs that employ various shades of gray, with black being the darkest and white being the lightest. (As a result, black and white photographs are sometimes referred to as grayscale photographs.)

Reasons for Converting Image to Black and White

The black and white conversion brings out the inherent beauty of your shot while also emphasizing the light contrasts. This absence of Color helps the viewer’s eye focus on the core of your photograph rather than being distracted. The Black & White effect is the same as converting your image to Grayscale. When used in greeting cards, wedding announcements, birth announcements, scrapbooking, or just in a personal or business document, your images will look fantastic.

Ways to convert Image to Black and White Online or Offline Free

Here for different users, including Mac and Windows PC users, we introduce different methods to turn image to Black and White Online or Offline free.

Way 1: Converting Image to Black and White using Preview (Mac)

Mac users would prefer to manage picture files with Preview, free and simple-to-use software for opening, viewing, exporting, and modifying photos on the Mac. It also aids in the free conversion of images to black and white.

How to Use Mac Preview to Convert an Image to Black and White

  • Step 1. Start with the first step. Use Preview to open the picture.
  • Step 2. To adjust the Color, go to Tools>Adjust Color. 
  • Step 3. Reduce the saturation to zero by doing the following.
  • Step 4. The image will then be converted to black and white.

Way 2: Conversion using Photoshop (Mac and Windows)

Without a doubt, the way to convert an image to black and white with Photoshop, the most capable and famous application for processing image files, cannot be overlooked. Adobe Photoshop has a tool that allows you to convert a vibrant image to black and white.

Steps to Convert Image to Black and White with Adobe PS

  • Open the picture in Photoshop.
  • Image>Adjustments>Black&White, where you may change the settings to suit your needs.                                       
  • convert-image-to-black-and-white-4
  • Then, in Photoshop, save the image.
  • Way 3: Convert Image to Black and White using Online Free

    To convert photos to black and white, there are a plethora of free internet programs available. LunaPic Image and onlinejpgtools are examples.


    To convert a LunaPic image to black and white, use the LunaPic Black and White Converter/

    LuniaPic is a free online platform that allows users to edit, modify, draw, add borders, filters, effects, art, animation, and other features to their images.

    How to Use LunaPic to Convert an Image to Black and White Online

     Step 1: Open your web browser and go to Lunapic.

     Step 2: Place the picture on your computer.

     Step 3: View the image in black and white.

     Step 4. To download the Black and White picture, click Save.


    Onlinejpgtools Image to Black and White

    onlinejpgtools is another free online picture to black and white converter. Although its name includes the word “jpg,” it allows you to convert JPG, PNG, and other pictures to black and white. Users may not only save the Black and White output as a file, but they can also copy it to the clipboard.

    How to use Onlinejpgtools to convert an image to black and white.

    • Step 1: Open your web browser and go to
    • Step 2: To update the image, click on the left working area or Import from file.
    • Step 3: Select the Black and White image on the left and save or copy it to your clipboard. You can also make changes to the settings before converting.

    Way 4: Batch Convert Image to Black and White with High Quality (Offline)

    But what if you want to convert a large number of images to black and white in a batch while maintaining excellent quality? It’ll be suggested that you utilize a professional picture editing program like BatchPhoto.

    BatchPhoto is a tool that allows users to edit and convert photos in batches. It allows you to apply filters, annotate, morph, touch up, and decorate images, and it has practically all of the capabilities you’ll need to modify an image. It can also convert from and to 170+ picture formats, including raw images and standard formats. It’s simple to use; in just four steps, you can convert dozens, if not hundreds, of pictures to black and white on your Mac or PC.

    • Step 1. Download and install BatchPhoto.
    • Step 2. Go to Add Photos, then click Add Folder or Add files to import multiple images for conversion.
    • Step 3. Go to Edit Photos>Add Filter>Apply Fx>Black & White, then click OK.
    • Step 4. Then go to Setup, choose output folder or Format.
    • Step 5. Then go to Process and turn your images to Black and White in batch.

    Way 5: How to Turn Photo into Black and White using

    IMG Online is a free online image editor that makes it simple to convert your colored photos to black and white. The image’s clarity is preserved even after it is transformed into a pure black and white photograph. Depending on the quality of the image you’ve specified in the parameters, the converted file size grows somewhat.

    Because it is a free black and white picture editor, you will not have to pay anything to use it. To do so, you’ll need to do the following steps:

    Step 1: After that, go to and upload the colored image from your computer.

    Step 2: Before converting the photograph to black and white, you can alter some of the parameters once it has been submitted. For instance, you can select a quality level from 1 to 100. (1 refers to the lowest quality, and 100 refers to the highest quality). You may also save the EXIF and information from the website and pick between a standard and progressive JPEG formats for your photos.

    Step 3: You may hit the “OK” button once you’ve customized the parameters to your liking. The image is then processed, and you are given the choice of either opening or downloading it, depending on your preferences.


    Way 6: Make a Picture Black and White in Paint

    Here are the steps if you decide to try out Paint:

    Step 1. Open Paint

    Import your image into Microsoft Paint.


    The interface is straightforward, so this method is suitable for almost any user.

    Step 2. Find the Black & White Converter in the Image Menu. Select Properties from the Image menu. Examine the Black and White box now.


    Get a recent version of Paint if you don’t have the black and white option.

    Step 3: After you’ve changed the colors, save your work. To preserve the new image, click the Save icon.


    Remember to save the black and white image by clicking on this tiny button. Paint is perfect and helpful software; however, since it is a built-in Windows application, don’t expect miracles. However, if you have the most recent Windows 10, you may try out Paint 3D, which has a more extensive toolset and additional editing options.

    Way 7: Turn Your Photos Into black and white in Microsoft Publisher

    This approach is for you if you enjoy creating various calendars, greeting cards, or business cards using specific software such as Micro-Soft Publisher. For those who don’t know, Microsoft Publisher is a component of the Microsoft Office suite, which we all use regularly to create presentations and papers. This one enables you to generate various designs and layouts for subsequent printing. What’s more, you can interact with photos and make simple edits to them.

    If you’re using Publisher, here’s how to convert your image to Black and white with this program:

    Step 1. Microsoft Publisher will be launched.

    Start the software, make a new project, and then import your jpg image. Place it where you want it on the page.


    Choose a page layout first, then drag and drop the image you wish to convert to Grayscale.

    Step 2: Make Your Image Black and White Open the editing window by left-clicking your image. Select Recolor. From the dropdown menu, choose Grayscale.


    Step 3: Publisher has many color filters; we’ll use the black and white one. Changes Should

                 Be Made. To preserve the modified picture, click Save. If you require the colored version, save it under a different name and return to it later to adjust it.


    There is no filter adjustment, so save the Black and white image.

    Way 8: Make a Photo Black and White in Snapseed

    Do you prefer to edit your photos on the go with your phone or tablet? Then give Snapseed a shot. This easy-to-use software is available for Android and iOS devices. Snapseed is extremely strong compared to other mobile picture editors, and it comes with an extensive toolbox for retouching portraits and landscapes. Content-aware brushes, innovative gifts, cool-looking filters, and more features are available.

    Let’s look at how to use Snapseed to convert your image to black and white rapidly:

     Step 1: Open Snapseed.

            Open the program and choose the image you wish to work with.



    Tap on the screen to open your photo

    Step 2: Select the Black & White Filter

    To access the tools panel, tap the pencil icon. Select the Black & White filter from the drop-down menu.



    Depending on your aim, you may pick from six different filter settings.

    Step 3: Adjust the Effect Parameters

    Save your photo if you like the default result. Alternatively, you may use the equivalent sliders to alter the effect’s brightness, contrast, and grain. Overall, if you frequently snap photos with your phone and don’t want to deal with downloading applications on your computer, this app is an excellent option.


    The article discusses several ways of converting Images to Black and white online or Offline on Mac and Windows computer using various steps and images. Black and white photographs, for example, are monochrome photographs that employ various shades of gray, with black being the darkest and white being the lightest. As a result, Converting Image to black and white allows for more artistic purposes and exaggerating contrasts, with being creative.

    However, if you’re having difficulties converting Image to black and white, study and follow the steps in the article, including the images, you will indeed find a way out.

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