Ways to Convert Image to JPG and Make It 20 KB or 200 KB

Your phones are loaded with pictures whether these are your pictures or the images of your loved ones right? If you are running a business you will surely have to take pictures of products for their marketing. What I mean to say is pictures are needed and captured daily. We must need to convert these images into the most useable format which means that they can be opened on any system. Moreover resizing the images help us to eliminate the unnecessary part or details of the images and compress to smaller size. So basically to areas are covered in this article one is image format change and the second one is resizing the image. Read this article and boom! Your converted and resized image is ready. 

JPG (.jpg) is the most commonly used image format as this the web friendly format. So here we will discuss various easy methods to change the format of images and the ways to resize the images according to our need. 

  • Method for Window users
  • Method for MAC users
  • Online Tool
  • What are images? 

    My definition for the images is “the file in which the moments and objects are stored”. Well in the context of computer science the images are group of pixels that are just intersection of rows and columns. 

    Why are these so common? 

    Humans are more attracted towards images as compared to words. A picture grabs quick attention. This is why the images are so common due to their ability to express more things in a little time. In this modern era each person have picture capturing devices called mobile phones. Millions of pictures are being shared everyday on internet. Different devices may produce images of different formats but the most common format is JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts). As every device may not be able to open every type of image format so JPG or JPEG is considered as a standard format which can be opened on almost every device. 

    Image formats are actually the standards for storing the digital images. The selection of the image formats is based on the field in which they are to be used. For example EPS (Encapsulated PostScript format) for Adobe illustrator. JPG or JPEG for printing and web  

    JPEG or JPG (Joint Photographic Experts), PNG (Portable Network Graphics) GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

    If you are a novice user you might be wondering what is jpg and kb? 

    JPG is the acronym of Joint Photographic Experts. It is widely used on internet because of its lossy format which means that it compresses the image and also reduces the quality of image. But this quality is so small that it is not noticeable. It is best for email, web images and PowerPoint presentations. 

    Why images need to be resized?

    Sometimes the images we capture or the images we get from others are not according to our desired size or needed to be cropped. It just depends on the individuals that how they want to resize the image whether to increase or decrease the size. In this article we will let you know how to increase the picture size from e.g. 20 kb to 200kb. Increasing the size means increasing the number of pixels of the image. 

    There are units for measuring the size i.e. bytes, kilobytes (KB), Mega byte (MB), gigabyte (GB) etc. Kb (Kilo byte) is the smaller unit as compared to Mega byte and megabyte is smaller than Giga byte. 1kb=1024 bytes 

    This article provides methods for two different tasks:

    • Format Change
    • Resize Image

    We want problems to our solutions to be easy and simple. Considering this nature of human beings we suggest the following ways to resize image and conversion methods using different tools. 

    We have searched all the methods and grouped together some of very easy and cross platform methods so that they can be performed on any operating systems and online. 

    No.1 Method for Window users


    Paint tool is available in all the versions of windows. It is installed in Windows operating system by default. This is a simple and amazing tool. It is image editing tool. Its new version is Paint 3D.

    Key Features:

  • Change format
  • Resize image
  • Edit image
  • Add text to image
  • Draw pictures
  • Paint
  • Crop image
    • Paint for Changing Format

    Step#1 Open image in Paint

    Right click the image and selectOpen With

    Then select “Paint


    Step#2 Change Format

    Click “File” from menu bar

    Click “Save As

    Select “JPEG” as the target format.


    Step#3 Save Converted Image

    Popup window will appear. Select the file location and change name of image (if you want to) and hit “Save” button.


    See how simple it is.

    • Paint for Resize

            Step#1 Open image in Paint

            Right click the image of size for example select an image of 20kb and selectOpen With

             Then select “Paint

    Step#2 Resize

    Click “Resize” option. This option is available below the menu bar.

    The size of the image can be seen on the bottom center of window. It is almost 23kb.


    Select “Percentage” from the pop-up window and make sure the checkbox “Maintain the Aspect Ratio” is checked.

              Enter the new size for example “400” for horizontal option and click “OK”. Vertical option will automatically change according to horizontal option.


    Again go to “File” in the menu bar and hit “Save”.


    As you can see the size of the file is changed to “200kb”.

    This tool is free so instead of purchasing other tools or using online tools, this is the best method.

    No.2 Methods for MAC Users


    Preview tool is installed by default in all the versions of MAC operating systems. It is image viewer, image editor and pdf viewer. It enables the user to perform all the basic operations needed for image editing for example:

  • Image correction
  • Change format
  • Resize image
  • Crop image
    • Preview for Changing Format

    Step#1 Open image in Paint

    Right click the image and selectOpen With

                Then select “Preview

    Step#2 Convert

    Select “File” from menu bar

    Click “Export”


    Select “Export as” and change the format to JPG


    Click “Save”

    • Preview for Resize

            Step#1 Open image in Paint

            Right click the image of size e.g.20kb and selectOpen With

             Then select “Preview”.

    Step#2 Resize

    Select “Tool” option

    Select “Adjust Size

    A pop up will appear and select your desired size and click “Ok”.


    No.3 Online Tools

    Among the other online image editors we have selected the most convenient and user friendly tool for you. Img2go is the best online software for image format conversion and resizing. Link to this website:

    Key Features:

  • Compress image
  • Rescale image
  • Resize image
  • Upscale image
  • Change format
  • Change video to GIF
  • Rotate image
  • Crop image
    • Img2go for Format Change

    Step#1 Visit the site

    Go to this link


    Step#2 Select “Convert To JPG


    Step#3 Upload Image

    Click on “Choose file” to upload the images from laptop to this site. Then click on “Start” to start the conversion.


    Step#4 Download Converted Image

    Click on “Download” to download the image on your laptop. Then click on “Start” to start the conversion.

    • Img2go to Resize

    Step#1 Visit the site

    Go to this link

    Step#2 Select “Resize Image” Option



    Step#3 Upload Image

    Click on “Choose file” to upload the images from laptop to this site. Then click on “Start” to start the conversion.


    Step#4 Select the size

    In order to resize the image set the height and width of the image. Adjust them according to your requirement.

    After adjusting the size click “Start”. The conversion will start and it will take some time.


    Step#5 Download Converted Image

    Click on “Download” to download the image on your laptop. Then click on “Start” to start the conversion.


    The Bottom Line 

    Image conversion is necessary if you want to send your image as an email to someone or want to put in on web. It is because that all platforms now demand compressed file and the format which is acceptable worldwide. These days JPG is the go-to format so paint (for windows users), preview (for MAC users) and online methods have been discussed for image conversion to jpg and same tools has been used to resize the image from smaller to larger size. I hope that your new go-to method for converting and resizing the image has been covered in this article. We suggest you to go with the built-in softwares rather than using online tools. Choose any of your favorite method and start converting and resizing image for free. 

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